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Keeping Children safe on the internet and when using mobile technology is very important. 

As part of our curriculum, Driffield CE Infant School provides supervised access to the Internet.  Pupils are regularly given opportunities to use websites designed to support their learning.  They are also taught research and evaluation skills to help them use the Internet effectively and efficiently.

We access the internet through the Local Authority who operate a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials.  All of our computers are in public view and access is always supervised.   Children are also taught our THINK THEN CLICK  rules for using the Internet, in order to help them to stay safe wherever they use the Internet.



We only use the internet when an adult is with us or if an adult says we can.

We can click on buttons and links only if we know what they do.

We can search the internet with an adult

We always ask if we get lost on the internet.                

We never give our details on the internet.

If we see something we don’t like or that worries us we click on Hector and tell an adult.

We can send class emails and only write polite and friendly messages to people we know.


We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously indeed.  To this end, we would ask that you read the ‘Pupil Internet Agreement’ with your child.  Our full Internet Policy can also be found on the Policy section of this website.

All of our lap tops and desk top computers are installed with Hector the e-safety Dolphin which the children can click on should they come across a page that disturbs them. You may wish to download this onto your computers at home , it is a free tool and one the children are familiar with. Click on the following link:

Hector the E-safety Dolphin; This child friendly safety button is now free for you to download at home.