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Driffield Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School

Learn to let your light shine



Our vision, 'Learn to let your light shine'  drives our curriculum and the decisions we make. It is a central part of our 'curriculum umbrella' and underpins our 'enquiry based approach' with all themes including enquiry as the main vehicle for learning. 

We place particular emphasis on the following ‘drivers’ which feed through every theme we teach:

 Outdoor Learning and the Environment: valuing the outdoors as a vehicle to promote learning across the curriculum.

We believe that the Outdoor environment is where children can come into contact with the ever changing systems of nature and experience the dynamic world of living and non-living things. The seasonal changes and differing weather conditions provide children with a sense of time and place and offer endless investigation possibilities. The outdoor environment offers more freedom and space to move and investigate and inspires different challenges in learning.

Good outdoor provision does not rely on expensive equipment but comes from making the most of the space and resources available, allowing children to be creative and use their imagination. Together with the support of positive, enthusiastic and engaged adults the outdoors facilitates meaningful learning experiences that are vital for children's holistic development. 

Spirituality: The awe and wonder of learning and exploring the variety of differences and relationships that exist within and between different religions, values and beliefs. There is a strong link to Christian Values and our status as a Church School.

Learning is planned to ensure:

  • the children develop active imaginations
  • their energy and enthusiasm is directed into creative learning
  • they develop a love of the outdoors
  • they have regular opportunities to experience Forest School which helps them to engage with nature and experience the 'awe and wonder' of the world in which they live
  • there are times of quiet and times to reflect. Children are encouraged to reflect on their own learning.

Our curriculum was developed to ensure that children are really engaged in learning. We endeavour to enthuse our children to want to find out more, to develop the important skills of problem solving, enquiry, creativity, independence, motivation and good self esteem. We strive to make sure that children leave our school with the essentials for learning and life ie have good literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, good learning and thinking skills and good personal and social skills. 

We use the National Curriculum 2014 and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as the basis for our curriculum. We also use the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum to support our planning. 


Within the framework of our curriculum we ensure our children are taught the basic skills of reading, writing and Maths to a high standard.


We use a system of synthetic phonics following the 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised' scheme to teach early reading and give the children the vital skills they need to be able spell. All children have focused daily phonics lessons linked to reading and application of phonics into writing. Children also read daily and we do everything we can to ensure they leave our school with a love of reading. To do this we incorporate regular visits to the local library, visits into school from storytellers and authors as well as providing children with a wealth of engaging reading books in school.  


We use the mastery approach to teaching Maths. The children are taught the basic Maths skills and then how to apply these into problems. They then apply these skills through Maths challenges in our areas of learning and through the termly theme.

Look at our Maths page for more information about what this involves.

To find out what your child will be learning in reading, writing and Maths, please click on the links below. 

Reading Curriculum      Writing Curriculum     Maths Curriculum