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Driffield Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School

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Motor Skills Group

Mrs Edeson runs a motor skills group for  year one and two children who need to work on fine and gross motor skills. She will be updating this page with activities you can do at home to help your child with motor skills and co-ordination.


Activities to do at home

All the activites that will be on this page are using objects from around the home, the activities are all fun to do and work on both gross and fine motor skills. 

We hope you have as much fun doing them at home we do in school.



Popping Rice Krispies

Place rice krispies on a tray. Ask you child to use the thumb and index finger from the hand they write with to crush the rice krispies one at a time between the thumb and finger.

This helps to improve the pincer grasp used in writing when holding a pencil. Have a race see how many you can do in a set amount of time.

Scavenger Hunt

You each have a clothes peg (plastic ones are the best). Place several items in a container such as buttons, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, coins, straws etc.Take it in turn to pick items from the container using only your peg ,try to use the thumb and index finger on the hand you hold your pencil in. You could try this in the garden picking up twigs ,leaves, or in the house tidying up using just the peg. Let me know what you can pick up!



Feed the ball

Using  a tennis ball, get an adult to cut a line across the tennis ball making sure it only goes around 5cm across ,this will become the mouth of your ball. When you have a hole (mouth) in the ball decorate the ball with eyes, hair, nose and mouth. 

When your ball is decorated using thumb and index finger with the hand they use to write with get them to squeeze the ball so that the mouth opens. After you have practised this find some coins and feed them to your ball see how many you can do.


We would love to see photos of children completing the activities at home.






Long Pencils

Attach a pencil to a long stick or a piece of wood using masking tape or selotape then get your child to draw a picture onto a piece of paper or wallpapper, ensure that your child is standing up whilst doing the activity.

So children, draw whatever you like! ........... it's quite tricky at first but do keep going.



Balloon Play 

Keep a balloon afloat by using different parts of the body such as right pointer finger,  left arm, nose , elbow. This activity works on gross motor skills.

See how long you can hold a balloon  using your feet whilst laying on your back.



Dream Catcher

Using a paper plate cut out the middle of the plate so you are left with just the outer ring. Using a hole puncher make several holes around the plate so that you can thread wool across the plate so as to create a web effect. Do this until all the holes are filled. Once you have done this decorate with sequins beads or colour it in. Add feathers or more wool to the bottom , and then put a loop of wool at the top so that you can hang up the dream catcher.