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Learn to let your light shine

Homework Activities

All children in Year 1 have been provided with a homework pack, filled with resources and games that will help their learning! Please use this pack regularly, and there will be times throughout the year where we will request certain activities are focused on. 

Spellings for...

28.9.10 - one two three four five.

                                         - - - - - 


Do you still remember how to spell all the words on your spelling card? Next week we are going to have a giant spelling test! Mrs Raimes is going to pick twenty words at random from the card. Who can get full marks?

This week we have been thinking about fractions. Try playing Fair Feast on Abacus games to practise them.


We really enjoyed our visit to Tesco this week. Why not make a thank you card for Becky and Di? We can send it to them at the shop and they might put it up in their visitors room.

Keep practising spellings!! We might do a giant spelling test soon!!

Friday 23rd June

We have been learning all about Peter Pan this week, we even have the Darling children's nursery in our classroom! I wonder if Peter Pan will come to visit us?  See if you have any Peter Pan stories at home, or can you find any online to read?

There is also a new game on Abacus called marching madness 1.28a ready to try, it's all about time which we have been getting very good at this week too!

Friday 16th June

The Starfish Class have been investigating shadows this week, keep checking when you can see shadows outside and how they change as the day goes on.

Also, there is a game on Abacus for you to try, have a lovely weekend and hopefully see you at the BBQ!

Friday 9th June

We have had a great first week back after the holidays with lots of investigation around compass points and maps.  Can you find any different maps at home?  Maybe you could find your house on a map of Driffield.  

We will be thinking about halving numbers next week, so keep practising doubling and halving numbers over the weekend.  I hope the sun shines a bit more than it has this week!


Friday 25th May

The children did some fantastic independent writing today, a few spellings that could be practised are: made, make and our.  Also, keep writing numbers down checking you get them the right way round.  Some particularly tricky ones tend to be the teens!

Keep looking on Active Learn for games to try, but most importantly enjoy the sunshine and have fun!  Happy Holidays!

Friday 19th May

What a busy week we have had!  The children have been writing some incredible, imaginative stories inspired by our Outdoor Learning Day.  Can you tell you stories to somebody at home?  Don't forget to use those adjectives to help improve your descriptions.  

There are also some activities on Active Learn to try, there is a Days of the Week spelling game and a game called Seaside Scuffle.  Have a lovely weekend!

FRIDAY 12th May

In our maths area this week the Starfish have been thinking about shapes and patterns from looking at leaded windows.  Can you find any leaded windows near you?  

We will be continuing to look at shapes next week so practising the 2D and 3D shape's names would be really helpful.

Finally, there is an Abacus game called Marching Madness to have a look at.


Friday 5th May

We have started our lighthouse topic this week and have done some brilliant designs for our models, thank you for all of the resources that have been brought in!

We wondered if you could find any lighthouses at the coast near us?  

Where are they on a map?  

Can you find any facts out about them?

Also, have a look at the Abacus game Balloon Pop 1.13

Homework Activities


We really enjoyed watching The Tour de Yorkshire! Can you find some maps which show the route of the race? See if you can find Driffield, Pocklington and Garrowby Hill.

Where did the race finish?

Who was the winner?

Which team does he ride for?


Why not visit the library and find some good books to read?

Can you find out some facts about the Tour de Yorkshire? Which teams are racing? What is the route? Where does the race start and finish?

And most importantly.......enjoy your holiday!


Can you find out about the explorer Christopher Columbus? What were the names of the three ships he set sail with in 1492?


Remember to practise your spellings. Everybody is doing so well with their spelling tests!

Have a look in your reading book and see if you can find some plurals that have been added to nouns .Can you make a list?

We are enjoying our Amazon rain forest area in the classroom. Can you check some animal facts? Do crocodiles live in the Amazon?

Have a go at the Abacus games. Try Starfish Strike1.19a and 1.19b


What do you know about measures? Can you find out which measure would be used to weigh flour if you were making a cake? Which measure would be used to measure milk for a Yorkshire pudding? Which measure would you use to find out how tall you are?

Remember to practise your spellings.

Have a look at the Abacus homework page. Try Bubble Burst 1.18a b and c



Next week we shall be practising telling the time again. Can you read o'clock and half past times on an analogue clock? What about quarter past? Can you read these times on a digital clock?Remember to try your Abacus games. This week try Bubble Burst 1.18a,b and c.


Keep practising your spellings. Everyone is doing so well!

This week we have been looking at odd and even numbers. When you are out and about have a look at the numbers on doors. Are they odd or are they even numbers?

Have a look at Bingo 1.16a, b and c on Abacus.


We really enjoyed our Mexican lunch at school today! What can you find out about Mexico? Can you find it on a map? What is the weather like there? What is traditional Mexican food? Which sea or ocean is close to Mexico?


Year 1 and 2

We found out such a lot about life under the ocean when we were at The Deep! Now we need to think about animals in a different way. Can you make a list of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. What is the difference between them? 

Remember to practise your spellings. Everyone is doing so well!!

Have a go at the Abacus maths games. Try the Clam Collector games.


This week we have started painting a seascape in the style of Van Gogh. What can you find out about this famous artist? Perhaps you can bring some facts to school.

Have a look at the website for The Deep. What are you looking forward to seeing?


For Year 1 and Year 2

It's Chinese New Year next week! Do you think you can name all the animals that were in the race? Which animal is it 'the year of' in 2017?


Have a look at your new spelling card Can you practise the words with dots next to them? Remember not to write on the card please.


Do you have a globe or an atlas at home? Can you find where the North and South Poles are ? What do you think the weather is like there?


Have a wonderful holiday! Perhaps you can find some good books to read and share together.Do you still have your Snakes and Ladders game? Use the numbers to work out "ten more than" a number.


Everyone is so busy at this time of year so there is just a little bit of homework this week.

Do you have a bible at home? See if you can read the Christmas story with your family.


Can you practise making different amounts of money? How many ways can you make 10p or 12p or 15p?

Have a go at this week's Abacus game . The year 1 or year 2 version of Starfish Strike 1.10A


Have a go at playing Snakes and Ladders! In your reading bag you have a paper copy of the game . Can you work out which number you will land on next by adding in your head before you move you counter?

Practise writing the£ sign .It's not easy !


Do you know your left from your right? Practise at home!

We are going to be thinking about question marks and exclamation marks next week in Starfish.  Have a look in your books at home or your reading book and see if you can spot any.  You could even write the sentences down that you find them in!

Year one Starfish can have a go at the Toucan Team 1.8a game on Abacus, Year two Starfish try Bingo out, and everyone can have a go at Build a Railway.


Next week we will be measuring in metres and centimetres!! Can you find a ruler or tape measure at home? Is there anything at home that measures about 1 m? Can you find something that is 30cm long or high?

Have a go at part 3 of Mushroom Mayhem on the Abacus game.


This week we have been looking at place value and 2 digit numbers. Can you use 10p and 1p coins at home to practise this? For example, make 13p,21p 35p.

We have some more maths homework on the Abacus site. A game for Year 1 and a game for Year2.



Can you do lots of reading next week? Maybe you will have time to visit the library to choose a good book! 

We will be investigating materials after the holiday. Have a look around at home. What are different objects made from?




If you are out and about this weekend have a look for signs of Autumn. Talk about what is different about Autumn compared to Summer.

Try spelling the numbers one to ten as words.

Have a go at playing "Clam Collector " on the Pearson Abacus page.


If you go for a walk this weekend talk about seasonal change. What can we expect to see in each of the four seasons?

Try spelling the numbers one to ten as words.

Have a go at playing the Year 2 "Clam Collector" game on the Pearson Abacus page.



Year 1 and 2

We are looking forward to our visit to Scarborough castle next week. Can you use the internet to found out some facts about the castle? Who used to live there?

Have a go at this weeks Abacus maths game. Year 1 try Reel It In. Year 2 try another of the Excellent Estimating games. Try working with bigger numbers this time!



Year 1 and 2

What can you find out about who lived in a castle long ago? What kind of jobs did they do?

Year 1

Have a go at the Abacus maths game"Marching Madness".

Year 2

Have a go at the Abacus maths game" Excellent Estimating". Estimate a set of objects and count in fives.



This week we have been practising telling the time. Can you have a go at home? Try o'clock times. For a challenge, try half past times. The next step would be to try quarter past times.

Have a go at "Pesky Pets", an Abacus game about finding one less than another number. 


Can you practise telling the time? Try o'clock, half past and quarter past times.

Try a game on Abacus. This week have a go at" Excellent Estimating".


Friday 9th September 2016

Think about your best handwriting!

Can you write numbers 1 - 20?

For a challenge, can you read 1 - 20 as words?


Starfish 2016 - 2017