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Welcome to the Dolphin's Class Page

News and Photographs 

This page is no longer updated weekly but if you would like to see what we have been doing then please visit the 'Y1 Photo Gallery' where you will be able to keep up with what we have been up to. 


So here we are at the end of another school year. It has been lovely to spend this last week with you reminiscing about your time in Year One. Although it is sad for us we know that you are ready to go into Year Two now where you will make new friends and have exciting challenges to try.

Mrs Edeson and I wish you all a very happy Summer Holiday.

Enjoy it and stay safe. 


Our week began with a trip to Bridlington Spa for Little Big Sing. The children had spent time learning the different songs in the run up to us going and were very excited. After lunch we went to the beach where there were some fantastic sandcastles built.

On Thursday the children spent the day with their new classes and new teachers. I think everyone had a great time and it made them very excited to get started in Year Two in September.

This week was Spirituality Week and the class had opportunities to reflect on their year and the year ahead. We visited the library which had been turned into a calm reflection area where the children thought about the last year and their achievements. They wrote what they were proud of on a piece of paper and placed it by the bubble tube. They then took a special shell and made a wish about what they wanted to achieve going into Year Two. 


We've had a lovely sunny week completing lots of nice activities. The children have loved exploring the new pirate area and making their own maps and treasure.

The writing task this week was to create a 'Wanted' poster for a pirate of their own creation. It was great to see so many interesting adjectives being used to describe their characters. 

Charlotte visited again and helped the children complete their canvas in the style of Romero Britto. The finished product is very colourful. 

In maths the children have been putting their addition and subtraction skills to the test by solving word problems. They have really enjoyed the challenges. 

On Monday we are going to Little Big Sing and then to the beach. Please ensure that your child has a sun hat and sun cream that has been applied before they come to school. They are allowed to bring a bucket and spade that are named in a named carrier bag. It is likely to be very warm so we want them to be as protected as possible. 


This week was 'Creative Arts Week' and the theme was 'Dreams and Happiness'. The children were introduced to the work of Romero Britto, an artist who uses bright colours to create modern pieces of art. Over the week they had a go at practising colouring, designing and creating their own pieces inspired by him. 

On Monday morning the class had a session with Charlotte, an artist who came in to help them with a design for a canvas for the hall which will be finished next week. 

Tuesday was a fun day which began with a dance workshop and then some more art. This time they had to follow step by step instructions which some found rather tricky.

Wednesday morning was Sports Day which was enjoyed by all. It was nice to mix with children from other classes and work as a team to earn points. 

Today the children finished off their large scale artwork and this afternoon we showed it to some of the other classes along with our dance.  

22nd June 2018

This week we had a very special treat. On Tuesday we learnt about Hinduism and what happens at a Hindu wedding. There were lots of different items for us to look at and the children had an opportunity to dress up and be part of the wedding ceremony. We all really enjoyed the experience and it was followed by lunch in the classroom. 

In maths we have been exploring how to describe space and movement. The children have learnt specific vocabulary to help them express their ideas.

As the weather was lovely and sunny towards the end of the week we completed our shadow investigation. We had previously looked at different sources of light and discussed the difference between things that give off light and things that reflect it.

In music we were looking at classical music and the children had a go at using the glockenspiels to follow and create their own music.  

8th June 2018

Our first week back has been a very busy one. 

On Tuesday afternoon we visited the Cricket Ground to practise for Sports Day which will be here before we know it. 

The writing job this week was to imagine and write about their own land that might appear at the top of the Magic Faraway Tree. It was great to see how creative some children were. A lot of us wanted to visit the different places. 

On Wednesday it was World Environment Day. We spoke a lot about the use of plastic around the world and the affect that it is having on wildlife. The children then created posters about looking after the planet and made their own animals out of recyclable materials. 

In maths this week we learnt about recognising coins and notes that are used in the UK. We also began to explore capacity which involved a few practical activities with water.  


We can't believe that we have reached the end of another half term. The past seven weeks have flown by. This week the children continued their learning on time in maths with a focus on days of the week, months of the year and using a calendar. Although they found the calendar part a little tricky they each persevered. 

On Tuesday morning we paid a visit to Tesco where the children tried different types of bread and made coleslaw. 

Today the Dolphin's delivered a Collective Worship on the Pentecost. They all worked very hard to learn their lines and a new song. Mrs Edeson and I were very proud of them all. 

Have a lovely half term, please make sure that you continue to read and practise using Mathletics and Bug Club. A couple of children have said that their PE shoes do not fit them anymore so we have sent the kits home. Also, would it be possible for children to bring a water bottle to school everyday when we come back. As the warmer weather comes it is important for them to stay hydrated.  


Our week included a fantastic trip to Bridlington Spa where we watched a short ballet performance of The Ugly Duckling. The children were so excited to see it and spoke about the different parts that they liked the whole way back to school.

The writing task this week was to create a fictional character that the children might find when visiting the Magic Faraway Tree. There were some very interesting creations and some brilliant descriptions.

We have continued with our science experiment watching how the plants have reacted to the different liquids that we put on them. Some of the children noticed that their predictions were quite accurate.

Today we had a lovely day celebrating the impending royal wedding. The children looked great in their fancy clothes and had fun making edible tea cups and designing wedding cakes and cards. Lunch was eaten out in the sunshine followed by a party this afternoon. 


Despite having a shorter week we have been very busy. We finished exploring numbers to 100 and began looking at time. The focus so far has been telling the time to the hour and the next session will look at the half hour. 

The Katie Morag stories are finished and we are all very pleased with them. Some of the children were very brave and volunteered to read theirs out to the rest of the class. It was interesting to see what happened in each one. 

This week we began our plant investigation. Over the next couple of weeks we will be keeping an eye on the four plants, with one having no water and the others having water, orange juice and Diet Coke, to see what happens. Each child has made a prediction and even completed a tally chart to decide what the final two liquids were going to be. 

We now have a lovely display of the children's kilt designs. They are certainly very colourful.   


This week we have started to plan and write stories about an adventure with Katie Morag. The children used a story mountain template to note down their ideas. It was a great opportunity for them to use their imaginations and so far it would seem that there are going to be some great stories. We are going to carry them on next week. 

In maths we have been exploring numbers to 100. This included partitioning numbers into tens and ones, making number patterns and comparing numbers. As a challenge ask your child to partition any two digit number.

Mrs Edeson spent time on Tuesday afternoon planting seeds in the outside area. Each child was able to choose from peas, carrots, spinach and runner beans which were put into a small pot. Over the next couple of weeks we will be watching to see how quickly they grow.  


We have had another busy week this week. On Tuesday afternoon Year One gave an assembly to the rest of the school about our work on God. We had finally completed our canvas and were very pleased with the team work. 

As we continue with our learning about Katie Morag we decided to design our own kilts. Each child chose some colours to weave through their kilt and then made some legs. They look fantastic.

The writing job this week was to think of some different things that Katie would need to pack if she visited Granny Mainland for a holiday. 

In Maths we have been learning all about fractions of shapes and amounts. This has been rather tricky but each Dolphin has persevered. 

On Thursday morning we had the opportunity to visit the Book Fair. The children chose a book to have a look at with a friend and then we read one as a class. At the moment we are really enjoying Enid Blyton's 'The magic Faraway Tree'. 


The children have had a very creative week this week. We have been learning all about Noah's Ark and each child has contributed to a piece of art work which will be displayed in the hall. They also retold the story. 

We began our new topic 'Land Ahoy' with a letter from Katie Morag. She told the children all about herself and asked them to reply which they did. Katie also sent a map so the boys decided to create their own version of her Isle of Struay.

In maths we have finished multiplication and started division. It has been a challenge so we have had lots of practical lessons.

Here are some pictures from our week:


This week we had a visit from a member of the Northern Ballet. The children took part in a workshop where they were learning about the story of The Ugly Duckling. Later in the term we will be going to see the performance at Bridlington Spa so it was great for the children to have a little taster.

Other things happening in our class this week included painting the sculptures that the children made before the Easter Holidays, using dictionaries to look up meanings for particular words and using the laptops to go on Bug Club, Mathletics and Coding. 


So we have reached the end of the Spring Term, I can't quite believe how quickly it has passed by. 

This week we have been learning all about Easter and why it is celebrated. Some of the class took part in the Easter service at church on Thursday which was lovely.

Today was Sport Relief and the children took part in lots of different activities. After assembly there was a whole school danceathon, and this afternoon the children completed some yoga to a Star Wars story, which was different but very much enjoyed by all. 

The biggest surprise of all came from a message left by the Easter Bunny who invited us to take part in a treasure hunt around school. As you can see from the pictures below, there was a lot of excitement especially when the 'treasure' was found. 

Our final activity of the day was the Easter Bonnet Parade. I have included some pictures below as we were so impressed by the efforts that had been made with the creations. Mrs Thackray came to judge and found it very difficult to choose but a big well done to our winners Finlay, Archie and Frankie.

Have a fantastic Easter Holiday, we can't wait to hear all about it when you are back.

16th March 2018

This week we have been celebrating British Science Week. The children have worked very well making different predictions and performing experiments.

We explored what happens to white flowers when they have been put into water with food colouring in it, as well as beginning to grow a bean plant on cotton wool. When observing chemical reactions we mixed vinegar and baking powder together and watched it inflate a balloon and made lava lamps which looked great. Today the children observed what happened when mentos are added to fizzy drinks.

Overall a lot of fun has been had and it was nice to see science happening at home to so thank you to those children who brought their experiments in to show us. 

2nd March 2018

The snow may have returned but that did not stop us from having another great week. 

As it was book week we learnt a bit more about Beatrix Potter and her lovable characters. When writing about some of her illustrations the children had a go at using adverbs to describe what was happening. 

In maths the focus was on learning about measuring height and length. We discussed different things that we could use for non standard/ standard units of measure. 

It was a shame that we were not able to celebrate World Book Day yesterday, but today the children made up for it by creating their own gardens after being inspired by Mr McGregor. 

23rd February 2018

What a fantastic first week back. The children have worked really hard this week and it certainly paid off as we were the very first class to win Disjo.

For the writing job the children wrote poems that described lions and there were some brilliant adjectives used.

In maths we practised addition and subtraction, using it to create fact families.

As we have started looking at Beatrix Potter for World Book Day next week, the Dolphins learnt a new song using makaton. We hope that you enjoy it! 

9th February 2018

So we've reached the end of another half term. The children have all worked very hard and are really enjoying our topic. Mrs Edeson and I have never heard so many animal facts.

Have a lovely half term, enjoy the rest!

Here are some photos from the week:

2nd February 2018

Here are some pictures from our week. The children got creative and made collages of their favourite animals. There was some fantastic writing with each child thinking of clues to give to a partner so that they could guess which animal was being described.

26th January 2018

On Monday we had a short cricket lesson which was very popular. The children played mini team games which tested their skills.

Tuesday morning was spent at Tesco where Becky and Di taught us all about food from around the world. We went onto the shop floor and explored different fruits and vegetables to see if we could identify where they came from.  

This week we also began our new topic, Wings, fur and scales. The class were very excited to start learning all about different animals and how we could group them.

22nd January 2018

Here are some pictures from our Victorian Day. The children had a lot of fun practising their writing using chalk and then a 'feather and ink'. We recited the alphabet, learnt a nursery rhyme and counted. It was a very busy morning. In the afternoon the girls practised their sewing and housework skills whilst the boys did some woodwork and technical drawing. 

Overall everyone had a great day but we all agreed that we like living as we do now!

12th January 2018

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all! 

The children have come back very refreshed and ready to learn which is great. They were very pleased to find our new fish, Doll and Phin had settled nicely into their new home.

We have started a new mini project learning about 'Our School' and the class have really engaged well with it. We discussed what school is like at the moment and as the week went on we began to explore what it might have been like in the past. On Thursday the children designed and made their own cup and ball game which provided a lot of entertainment. This was after their shock at discovering that children who came to this school many years ago didn't have iPads or X boxes. 

See if they can tell you something interesting that they have learnt.  

22nd December 2017

So they have done it. A whole term in Year One and what a whirlwind it has been. I think we all deserve a lovely break. 

Mrs Edeson and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here are some pictures from our final school week in 2017:

15th December 2017

What a lovely treat it was to have visitors in for Christmas Craft Day! The children really enjoyed being able to spend time with their loved ones making different decorations. 

Next week is the last week before Christmas and will be very busy for us all! We hope that you can join us on Thursday morning for the Nativity.

8th December 2017

We have gone Christmas crazy! The children have been very busy completing lots of different Christmas related tasks. 

On Tuesday we went on a time travelling adventure at Hope Central. We learnt all about the birth of Jesus and made some lanterns too. 

The writing job this week was to write a set of instructions to tell people how to build a snowman. They children worked really hard and they look great once they were finished.

This morning we went to church to see the Christmas Tree Festival. There were lots of lovely trees to look at and the class were very excited to see our baubles were there too. If you have chance over the weekend do pop down to see it. 

1st December 2017

There was a lot of excitement when the new role play area was unveiled. As you can see from the pictures Santa's elves have already started preparations for the big day. 

In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shape. The focus was on being able to name them, talk about their properties and recgonise them around school. Can your child give you an example of one?

The writing task this week was learning about making lists. Paddington was going away and needed the children's help to decide what to pack.

24th November 2017

The children had a fantastic time at Tesco on Tuesday morning. Becky and Di helped the children explore different sandwich fillings and breads. We then went upstairs where the children made (and ate) their very own sandwiches. After that they had a go at making some cereal which they could take home. 

This week we have been continuing to learn about materials. The children had a go at using magnets to see if they could find different materials in the classroom which were magnetic/ not magnetic. 

On Thursday they were exploring a variety of objects and making predictions to see if they would float or sink. There were some interesting discoveries made by each group.

17th November 2017

This week the children have been continuing their learning about Fact Families. Can your child give you an example of one?

In writing this week we were practising using adjectives to describe chairs that had been created for Baby Bear. There were some fantastic designs.

Today we had a special treat. A theatre group came and performed Wind in the Willows. The children loved the show and we heard the songs for the rest of the day.

This afternoon we walked as a school to Kingsmill for Children in Need. It was nice to be out in the fresh air for a good cause.   

10th November 2017

What a fantastic first week back. The children have returned to school ready for some new challenges. They have come back to some changes in the areas. The role play is now a teddy bear shop and the play dough area has resources for them to make bears.  

Our week began with a storytelling session where the children participated in retelling 'A chair for Baby Bear'. It was lovely to see them all joining in and having so much fun. 

On Tuesday the children had a go at designing their own teddy bear on the laptops. This was a very popular job with some great results.

Thursday afternoon was spent at the park looking at seasonal change, identifying different trees and paying a visit to the memorial garden. 

26th October 2017

So we have reached the end of our first half term. It has been very busy and fun learning all about Teddy Bears. Well done to those children who have worked so hard.

This week we went to church for a Harvest Experience. The children went round different stations to learn about elements such as the harvest of the ocean, earth and flock.

In maths the children were practising number bonds using a tens frame and writing fact families.

On Wednesday afternoon the children made bear paw biscuits which looked fantastic and tasted nice too.

Today was the Harvest Festival and Welly Walk. The Year Two children put on a brilliant performance of the Gingerbread Man and the rain certainly didn't put us off of the walk. 

Have a great half term, stay safe and we will see you all in a week. 

19th October 2017

This week we have been learning all about Autumn. On Tuesday we went for a walk down to Kingsmill where we saw lots of different coloured leaves, conkers and acorns. The children collected some of these items which were then used to make pictures back at school. This is the finished product.

12th September 2017

The Dolphins have carried on working very hard this week, especially with their writing. Their task was to retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have managed to complete the first half and will continue with the other next week. 

On Monday afternoon the children had a visit from Dolly Bear which they loved. They put their questioning skills from last week into practise and found out lots about her. 

The DT task allowed each child to show their creative side when challenged to make a bear. They have been added to our classroom display and look great.

29th September 2017

This week was Values Week and we selected Creativity as our focus. The class had a fantastic time contributing to our Harvest Festival picture, making Autumn leaves and on Friday they each had a go at throwing a paint filled water balloon to create a canvas for the classroom. Even the rain couldn't stop us! 

22nd September 2017

Our Chocolate project has come to an end. The children have had a fantastic time baking, painting and eating chocolate. 

On Wednesday we went to Elmswell and had a great farm walk with Farmer John. The children learnt lots about the different farm machinery and even got to see the Highland Cows. In the afternoon we went off exploring and had a look for different items. Finally we had a game of pooh sticks before heading back to school. 

We finished off our week with a chocolate taste test which brought on a lot of excitement. The most popular chocolate that the class liked was the Milky Bar. 

15th September 2017

This week we have been learning about Chocolate. The children explored how it journeys from a cocoa pod to the factories where it is added to other ingredients to make delicious treats. See if your child can explain the process to you. On Wednesday the children wrote chocolate poems which look fantastic. They have also made chocolate milkshake and added to our display board with a chocolate timeline. The fun will continue next week. 

Another task this week was thinking about hopes for the coming year. Each Dolphin wrote their target on a hand print which was made into a beautiful butterfly. Take a look below.

Please can I remind parents/guardians that we are due to visit Elmswell Farm on Wednesday. The children will need appropriate clothing and footwear. Can they also have a water bottle and raincoat in a named bag.

8th September 2017

Welcome back to a brand new school year. The children have settled back in nicely and are ready to start exploring our new project 'Chocolate' over the next two weeks.

We change reading books on a Tuesday and Friday but this could differ due to visitors in school or other timetabling issues. Please sign the record when you have heard your child read. If the record is not signed then we will assume that the book has not been read. As well as a book being brought home your child will have login details to access the Active Learn website which has the Bug Club books available.

Our PE session is on Wednesday and Friday, but we would appreciate the named PE kit being in school all week in case of any extra sessions.

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle that they bring to school daily.

It would also be very useful to have suitable materials that the children could bring in to use in the Modelling Area such as empty cereal boxes, plastic bottles etc. Anything that you can spare would be great. 













21st July 2017

There you have it, you have finished Year One! 

What a fantastic year it has been full of lots of laughter, tears and fun. Oh and also quite a bit of learning too. We certainly can't forget about that! I am so proud of each and every one of you for working so hard and achieving throughout your time with me. I hope that you all work just as hard for your new teachers as you have done for me.

This week we have been starting to wind down towards the holidays. I am sure that when they return home tonight that there will be some very sleepy Dolphins.

Thank you again for being such a lovely class. Don't forget that you can always pop down for a visit to show me what you have been learning about.

Have a fantastic summer holidays, stay safe! 

Miss Peacock and Mrs Sanders

14th July 2017

So, with one more week to go the countdown is on to the Summer Holidays. This week was very exciting as we found a pirate map that had been left in the classroom by Captain Redbeard. As you can imagine this caused a lot of wonder so we decided to learn a bit more about them. The children made pirate hats, practised measuring and writing speech bubbles.

The current Dolphins found out which Year Two class they were going to be in on Wednesday. There have been a few people feeling nervous and scared but after spending the day with their new teachers on Thursday there were smiles all around and a lot of excitement.

Next week the children can come into school on Tuesday in their PE kits ready for Sports Day (weather dependent!) Please ensure that they have a jumper as it can get chilly at the Cricket Ground and a water bottle. 

We have won the Lining Up Party which is to be held on Thursday 20th July in the afternoon.

7th July 2017

Wow! What a busy week it has been. Somehow we have managed to fit so much in and a lot of fun has been had by all. 

We began our week with a trip to Bridlington for Little Big Sing. The children spent the morning at the beach and after lunch they sang along at the concert. As you can see from the video below there were lots of laughs. 

On Tuesday we had a great maths lesson practising using money and finding change. The children were each given 10p and a price list. Their task was to buy a biscuit and different toppings for it.

Wednesday morning was spent at Tescos where the children learnt about food fueling our bodies. As always there was a lot of excitement, especially when they finished the morning making a giant conga line which went around the store.

We spent some time in the Butterfly Room on Wednesday afternoon reflecting on a number of different things. We spoke about the world around us, our time in Year One and our hopes for Year Two. There were different activities that the children could take part in. 

On Thursday and Friday we completed some art linked to Spirituality Week along with our shadow experiment. 

30th June 2017

This week we have been learning about the Creation story and linking it to making the right choices. The children were challenged with remembering which order different things began to appear in the world. 

In maths we have been learning about mental addition and subtraction. As the week progressed the children were practising giving change from different amounts. 

The wait is finally over, the Little Big Sing trip is going to be on Monday. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for us. We will be visiting the beach in the morning and your child is allowed to bring a bucket and spade in a named carrier bag.  

23rd June 2017

Time has been a big focus this week. Although we have learnt a little bit about it before, we began to focus on recognising the time to the nearest quarter of an hour. 

We have carried on learning about light and this week the children were introduced to shadows and how they are made. They learnt some new vocabulary too. Can your child tell you what the words opaque, transparent and translucent mean?

The children have been progressing with their DT project this week. As you can see their lighthouses are coming along nicely. Once the models had been made the children used their original designs to decorate them. 

16th June 2017

This week in Dolphins we have been practising counting in 2s,5s and 10s. As the week has progressed we have gone from counting as a class to answering questions using arrays to solving word problems. The children have done really well with this. Give them a challenge and see if they can solve it. 

The writing task this week was to write about being in Year One. The sort of things that we have learnt about and trips that we have been on. It was interesting to see which trips were enjoyed the most. 

This week the children were introduced to two new areas. There was the new Lighthouse Tea Room and Gift Shop which is proving very popular as well as the Crazy Golf set which is a fantastic was to practise maths.

Here are some pictures from our week: 

26th May 2017

As we reach the end of another half term I would like to say a huge well done to you all. I think that you should be very proud of the little and large achievements that you have made over the past five weeks. Many of you are showing that you are nearly ready for Year Two which is fantastic.

This week we have been practising fractions and data handling in maths. The activities were very practical and the children had a lot of fun with them.

The writing task this week was to write a letter to Mr and Mrs Grinling from 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' inviting them to a class picnic. The children thought of good questions to include. 

I would like to wish you a lovely holiday. Make sure that you stay safe but have fun. 

See you in a week! 

Just a side note for parents/guardians:

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle that they can bring to school everyday. If we continue to have this lovely hot weather the children will need to stay hydrated. 

Can you please check and name PE kits as this has been causing a lot of bother with kit going missing and kit being left with no names in.

Finally, as the hotter days continue please make sure that your child has sun cream on. They can bring a small bottle with their name on it to school to apply themselves if necessary.


Thank you!  

19th May 2017

We are nearly at the end of another half term and it is flying by. This week in Dolphins we have been very busy. On Tuesday we went down to Kingsmill where the children created natural pictures which were inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. It was great to see them working in pairs and being so creative.

In maths this week we have been exploring capacity and recording data. The children used different containers and estimated how much water they could fill them with. They also practised non standard measuring of items around the classroom by predicting and then using cubes to find out the result. 

On Thursday we spent a lot of time outdoors. The children had a cricket lesson with John and Tom. It seemed to be very popular and the sun was shining which was a bonus!

After that the children spent time in the Year 1 outdoor area where they made lighthouses using the bricks, painting them onto the walls and even watered the plants. The children had a lovely time which I am sure you have heard all about.

12th May 2017

The children have been working hard this week continuing with our learning about lighthouses. Our focus was on Grace Darling, who she was and why she is famous. The writing task was to have a go at a diary entry from the day after she rescued the survivors of the shipwreck. 

In maths we were exploring capacity and practising using the correct unit of measure. Alongside this we had a look at adding three single digit numbers and counting in tens.

On the laptops the children used a coding programme to create a game which made fish swim around and then disappear when they got caught. The followed instructions step by step to build up to the finished product. 

5th May 2017

Our week has been filled with lots of learning about our new topic which is going to be 'Lighthouses'. The children learnt about what they are used for and where they can be found. Next week we will be looking at Grace Darling so don't forget to have a look at the homework page.

In maths we have been practising division. The children seemed to find this a little trickier than multiplication last week but after a little work on it everyday we soon got rather good at it.

The writing task this week was to use a map to write some instructions to get from one place to another. It was great to see the children using the skills that they were taught when they last wrote instructions. 

28th April 2017


This week we have been focusing on a very exciting event, the Tour De Yorkshire. The children have been learning all about bikes and the route. It was a fantastic opportunity to have a look at maps of the local area and each child had a go at following the route and plotting it on a map of their own. There was a lot of excitement as each place was recognised and we heard all about different journeys to Pickering, Malton, Whitby amongst others.  

On Wednesday the Year One's held a scooter speed trial. It was great to see everyone getting involved and showing good sportsmanship. In our class the fastest six children were: Cory, Lachlan, Caitlin, Annabel, Connie and Charlotte. Both Charlotte and Lachlan made it to the final with children from the other classes but were just beaten. 

Friday was the big day and we cheered our little socks off. Here are some pictures and videos to prove it!

We even cheered from the classroom...

7th April 2017

Wow! We have reached the end of another term and hasn't it whizzed by! I am so proud of you all for the hard work and new experiences that you have had over the past couple of months. From exploring a new topic, to trying new food for the first time and expanding on work from last term there has been so much to see and do. You should be very pleased with yourselves. For working so hard I am now giving you two weeks off. Enjoy the break as when we come back for the Summer term the hard work will continue!

This week in Dolphins we have spent a lot of time at church learning all about the Easter story. On Tuesday we were inside where the children moved around six different activities. I will let them tell you all about it. Thursday morning was also spent at church where the children completed some tasks outside. 

I was truly overwhelmed at the Easter hats that were brought in on Friday. They were all fantastic and so creative! We had a lovely afternoon celebrating the children's hard work. 

Here are some other photos from our last week: 

*Miss Peacock's annual Easter hat competition is back!*

31st March 2017

Our week began with a lovely trip to Elmswell Farm. The children couldn't wait to see Farmer John and ride on the tractor. When we arrived the children set off on a Spring scavenger hunt where they had to search for items such as leaf buds, blossoms and a smooth pebble. We probably didn't find as much as we could have as it was rather overcast but that did not stop us from having a very competitive game of pooh sticks. Once that had finished the children were set the challenge of creating mini habitats for a chosen animal. Have a listen to some of the pairs explaining their work: 

After lunch the children had a go at collecting data on minibeasts. They worked in pairs and made tally charts based on what they found. We had a lovely treat going to see the Highland cows which were very fluffy. I am not sure what they made of the children though! 

After a very busy day we finished our trip off with some mindfulness activities. I think this was the best part of the day for the grown ups! 

24th March 2017

This week has been a very busy week and an amazing final week for me! In maths we were looking at adding one digit and two digit numbers in our head. Whilst in our writing we wrote a letter to Reverend Stuart welcoming him to our school and telling him something about us.

We had a trip to Tesco this week too! We went to find about where out food comes from and tried some tasty fruits. Everybody tried something new including me! Friday has had to be one of the busiest days I have had. Everyone looked amazing with their red noses and funny outfits. We all sang and danced to the Red Nose Day song in assembly, then we came back to the classroom and wrote a funny story about a red nose and designed our own red noses. On Friday afternoon we had a party to celebrate my last day! We have had lots of fun together, learning lots of new things! I could not have asked for a better class to spend the past 10 weeks with and I will miss you all.

Hope you all behave for Miss Peacock next week!

Goodbye and good luck.

Miss Lazenby

17th March 2017


This week the children have been very busy learning lots of new things. In maths we have been learning how to tell the time, all of the children can now tell me when it is dinner time. In our writing we have written a diary entry as though a tiger came to our house for tea! There are lots of amazing ideas and every week the children’s writing is getting better and better.

We have also done some DT this week. The children made some parachutes, testing which type of material would be the best. We tested the parachutes on Friday afternoon and it seems as though the parachutes made from plastic bags were the best as lots of them flew away with the children following quickly behind.

What a super week everyone has had!

Miss Lazenby

10th March 2017

We have had a very busy week in Dolphins this week. In maths we have been working on our number bonds to 20, finding number pairs and problem solving! While in our writing we have all written a message in a bottle about Christopher Columbus, using all the facts we learnt about him last week.

In science we have been learning about animals again, but this time looking at what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat.

Friday was also really busy. We had a special visitor as Miss Peacock’s dog Dolly Bear came in to see the children. We also had music on Friday afternoon, we looked at chants and how we can play an instrument using the beat of the chant to help us. Finally, we made some fruit tusks at the end of the day using a mixture of fruits; all of the children’s creations looked really tasty.

Miss Lazenby

3rd March 2017

What a fabulous week we have had in Dolphins. This week the children wrote about an adventure that they would take in a hot air balloon. There were lots of amazing ideas and I am very happy with how hard they have all work on their writing this week.
In maths we were looking at odd and even numbers, multiplication and fractions of shapes. The children had a go at identifying whether 1/2 or 1/4 of a shape had been covered and they then sorted them into groups. They played odd or even basketball against Mrs Sanders and used small figures to work out the answers to multiplication word problems. 
On Wednesday we did some work on great explorers. The children have learnt about Christopher Columbus and why he is known as an explorer and what he did.
On Friday we had a very exciting day as it was World Book Day! The children all looked amazing dressed up as their favourite characters. We had a lovely treat on Friday afternoon, where some parents came in to read some stories. 
Miss Lazenby

17th February 2017

So we have come to the end of the half term. This week the children wrote about our trip to The Deep and did a fantastic job of it. I am so pleased with how hard they are working and the improvements that they are making with their writing. 

In maths we were looking at estimating and counting in twos, fives and tens. The children had to guess amounts and then count to confirm their original thought.

On Wednesday afternoon we began to look at different continents and oceans around the world. The children were soon able to locate some of the places on a map.

On Thursday night most of the class attended the school disco. They had a great time dancing away to their favourite songs.

Here are some photos from our week: 

10th February 2017

On Monday we had a lovely treat then Amber's mum brought their pet hedgehog, 'Hiccup' in to meet us. The children were very intrigued by him and asked lots of good questions.

This week the children have been learning more about habitats in preparation for our trip to The Deep. Their writing job was to think of and write questions that they could ask whilst we were there. 

In maths we have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties. The children found this quite tricky as some shapes had quite a few faces and edges. 

Here are some of our pictures from The Deep:

3rd February 2017

Our week has been one of the busiest that we have had in a long time. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning we had the pleasure of being joined by parents who sat and watched our maths lessons. The children enjoyed having you come to visit so thank you for taking the time as we understand that in the world of work it isn't easy. 

The children were learning all about instruction writing, particularly how to make a jam sandwich. Miss Lazenby discussed specific openers that are commonly used when writing instructions and how they should flow in a chronological order.

In maths we were focusing on adding 2D and 1D numbers. The children used number lines to solve problems and worked really well on it.

On Thursday afternoon the children had another go at coding using the computers in the suite. They enjoyed making the wizard, princess and witch move in different directions and chase each other. 

Friday afternoon was our party and what a lot of fun was had by all. Thank you again for the treats that you provided. I think we have enough for the next party that we earn! Here are a few photos and videos from our afternoon. The last one is a final dance off from musical bumps.

27th January 2017

This week the children started to learn a little more about Chinese New Year. They listened to the story about how the different animals competed in a race to determine which one would be given a year. Can your child remember the order?

Another part of Chinese New Year is the giving of the red envelopes. They contain money and are meant to start the new year off with luck and fortune. Each child had a go at writing 'Happy New Year' in Chinese which then went on to their own red envelope. 

The writing task this week was to think about what they would spend the money on if they were to receive it. It was interesting to see what sort of ideas they came up with. We had some big dreamers who wanted to go to Disneyland and others who decided that they would use the money to treat their family.

In maths we were revisiting number bonds. The children had special jewels to help them work out all of the different ways to make ten or twenty.

On Friday we all had lunch together which was really nice and the food was delicious!

20th January 2017

Our week has flown by and as always we have been working hard. The writing job was a little trickier as the children had to retell the story 'Oh no, the pink flamingo turned green!'. I have to say the writing produced was fantastic and showed that the children were really concentrating when listening to the original story. 

In maths we have been practising number bonds to ten and twenty and algebra. As the week went on the class got more confident with some of their bonds but we still have some way to go. 

On Thursday we looked a little more at some different animals and learnt how to group them as either mammals, birds, fish, reptiles or amphibians. 

A new ICT area was set up as well this week to give the children the opportunity to expand their learning. They learnt how to be able to log in on the laptop and use their reading records to sign in to Bug Club. 

Well done to those children who brought back their spelling cards. I was very impressed with how many of you knew how to spell your words correctly.

13th January 2017

This week we began our new topic, 'What a wonderful world'. The children had been left a letter by an explorer who asked them to accompany him on a journey to different places around the world with the first stop being Africa. 

The writing task this week was to create a poem about a lion. This allowed the children to revisit prior learning that we had completed on using adjectives. The work produced was fantastic and each child worked very hard on theirs. 

Maths this week was looking at one more and one less than a number. Most children were able to identify the correct numbers when asked using a number line. Some children were challenged to find two more/ less and even ten more/ less.

On a final note please can parents ensure that children have a proper PE kit and a water bottle provided for their children.

Here are a few pictures from our week... 

6th January 2017

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all.

We have had a lovely few days back and the children have settled back in nicely ready to work. In maths we have been practising identifying one more and one less than a given number. The children used a hundred square to assist them with this. Our writing job was to make a New Year's resolution. The class had to think about what they needed to persevere with throughout the year. Next week we will be starting our new topic which will be quite exciting. 

16th December 2016

So that is it... the first term in Year One is complete and what a time we have all had. I am leaving school tonight as the proudest teacher ever. You have all worked extremely hard and should be so pleased with what you have achieved in the past fourteen weeks. This last week has been a blur of panto trips, parties, singing and our Nativity. I think that you all deserve a rest! Look after yourselves over the holiday and prepare for the hard work to continue in January!

As a final farewell to 2016 here are the Dolphins at our Christmas Lunch today:

9th December 2016

This week has flown by and as usual we have been busy with our learning. Our writing focus this week was using question marks. The children had to think of four questions to ask Father Christmas and then write them using a question mark to finish. It was interesting to hear the sorts of things that each child wanted to know.

In maths we started learning times tables. Our focus this week was the tens.

We had a treat on Thursday afternoon when Dolly Bear came to visit. The children were learning about how to look after a pet dog and asking Mrs Peacock lots of questions.

On Friday morning we visited the church to see the different trees that had been created for the Christmas Tree Festival.

In the afternoon it was our Christmas party and during our lunch we had a very special visitor! After the food had settled we went into the hall with the Starfish and the Turtles to play party games. 

2nd December 2016

So the countdown to Christmas has begun. As you can imagine the atmosphere in school is a little crazy however that has not stopped us from getting on with our work! This week we received a letter from Father Christmas which prompted the Dolphins to begin writing their wish lists. 

In maths we have been practising using money. The children ordered coins from the lowest value to the highest value and explored how to make different amounts. 

18th November 2016

This week in maths we have been learning all about measuring and position. The children were using non standard and standard units to measure different items, they also developed their knowledge of positional language. 

As it was anti-bullying week this week our writing task was to think of compliments for different situations. The children were thoughtful when completing this task and it was nice to see so many lovely things being said. 

Our science investigation was a development of prior knowledge on materials. The children used magnets to identify different materials around the room that are magnetic. They recorded their results as well. 

Finally the diva lamps were ready to be painted which caused a lot of excitement especially when the glitter came out.  

Here are some photos from our week: 

4th November 2016

The children have returned to school with a fantastic attitude towards their learning. They have really enjoyed exploring Diwali, the Hindu festival of light throughout the week. We read the story of Rama and Sita which the children could retell in detail remembering the names of the different characters. On Thursday afternoon the class attended a workshop where they were shown a number of different artifacts related to Diwali. 

Jumping back to Monday afternoon where we went on a trip to the park to have a look at seasonal change. The children were able to discuss different signs that tell us that we are in autumn and could find different coloured leaves, berries and conkers to prove it!

This weekend is Bonfire night. Please make sure that you are sensible around the fireworks and bonfire. Have a lovely weekend! 

21st October 2016

So we have blinked and seven weeks have flown by! I am so proud of you all and the progress that you have made since starting Year One. I hope that this continues! 

This week we have been on a trip to Tesco where the children learnt all about the bakery a well as different fruits and vegetables. Becky and Di were kind enough to let them top a bread bun too which was put in the oven and delivered to school for the class to take home. 

On Thursday it was the Harvest Festival in church followed by our annual Welly Walk. It was great to see so many family members coming out to support such a good cause. 

Have a fantastic half term. You have certainly earned the break! Stay safe and don't forget to check the homework!

14th October 2016

This week we have been learning all about estimating. The children enjoyed trying to guess the amount of different objects and seeing how close their guess was. Our writing task was to design and describe a castle. This was helped greatly by our trip to Scarborough Castle on Wednesday. Although the weather was not that nice the children had a great time exploring.  

7th October 2016

We have had a week full of learning and adventure. In maths we have been focusing on shape and symmetry. The children quickly learnt what symmetry meant and were able to identify lines of symmetry in different shapes.

On Wednesday we had a great trip out to Elmswell Farm. Farmer John came to pick us up on the tractor. When we got there he took us on a long walk around his land where we looked at highland cows, flowers and trees. In the afternoon the children collected natural material and in their groups they created pictures. We discussed these once everyone had finished and nearly every child gave a different answer. Creativity at its best! 

Thursday was spent writing about our time at the farm and it was great to see the effort that the children put in. They are really starting to remember what is important to include when we are writing. 

30th September 2016

Another week has passed and we have had a fantastic time exploring our new topic learning all about Castles and Knights. A friendly dragon left a letter for the Dolphins to read on Monday. He also brought them some equipment to help them with their quest of discovery. 

Also this week has been very important as it was Values Week. We were assigned a school value to explore and had the task of finding stories and objects which people could use to talk about the particular value. Ours was perseverance so we looked at the story of Noah's Ark and The Tortoise and the Hare.

Well done to Caitlin, Travis and Jasper who earned a place in the Gold Star Book and to Jessica who is our new Star of the Week!

Next week is our trip to Elmswell, don't forget your wellies!  

23rd September 2016

We have been very busy in Dolphin class this week. The children spent time thinking about the importance of family and belonging to God's family. They wrote about the people who live with them. In maths we were exploring shape focusing particularly on identifying 2D shapes. On Tuesday we all took part in the 'Olympic Day' where the classes completed different challenges. It was great to see them cheering each other on and persevering with trickier activities. 

On Wednesday it was Mrs Sander's birthday so we had a little part in the afternoon. 

Next week the book fair is visiting. Reading is very important and a great way to learn new things. Please take the opportunity to come and have a look. 

It is also Values Week next week where we will be looking at the school's values and what they mean to us. Can you remember them all? Why are they important? We will talk about these questions on Monday so have a think over the weekend and bring your ideas to school. 

16th September 2016

This week the Dolphins painted a picture of themselves to decorate our new wall. For the maths job they practised writing their numbers from 1-20 in the correct order and their writing job was to describe a wicked witch. 

Cory, Faith and Isaac were in the Gold Star book this week for showing friendship and trying hard with their jobs.

Congratulations to Isaac and Ruby who have been voted to represent the class on the School Council. We are all very proud of you both! 

9th September 2016

Welcome back to a brand new school year! 

We have been very busy this week with the children getting to know their new classroom and teacher. I am sure that you have heard all about it. 

Featured in the Gold Star Book this week was Lucas, Ethan, Amber and Afiya for their fantastic efforts with their writing task. 

Please can you ensure that your child has a named PE kit in school by next Wednesday as we will be starting PE.

Also there are some children who are coming to school without water bottles. Please can you send one with your child's name labelled clearly.

Here are some pictures from our week. Have a great weekend! 

1st July 2016

Here are some photos from our week. Reflecting on our trip to Bridlington the children had to design a suitable uniform for a lifeboat bear.

We spent time in the outside area making perfume in the mud kitchen, drawing flowers, reading and making dens.

The children baked some cakes for the RNLI bake sale which was a big success. The looked delicious and I'm sure they tasted good too!

Wednesday was our trip to Elmswell farm. The day started off really well with some lovely weather. We were able to explore the grounds and complete a nature scavenger hunt but by lunchtime it had started to rain fairly hard. Luckily we had made it back to the education room for lunch and some indoor activities. 

24th June 2016

Another week has passed and as usual we have been very busy. The children had a go at estimating in the maths area. Their task was to guess different measurements such as their hand span and the circumference of their heads and then use measuring tapes or rulers to check their estimation.  

On Wednesday we set off bright and early for a day at Bridlington. During our time there we visited the RNLI lifeboat station where Chris the mechanic presented us with lots of information about who they are and what they do. After lunch the children had the opportunity to go to the beach. 

On Thursday morning we joined the Owls for a minibeast hunt around the playground. The children had to come up with a way to present their data. After that they worked together to do some den building. 

After assembly on Friday we went on a walk to the park to have a look at seasonal change. Whilst we were there the children practised directions using a compass. We located north and then the groups had to decide whether to make quarter, half or three quarter turns to the left and right to discover a new direction. 

Just before school finished on Friday we had a look through our photos from the week to see which ones could go onto the website. We found some interesting ones and a few videos which made us laugh. See for yourself what happens when the Dolphins are in charge of the camera.... 

17th June 2016

We have had a busy few weeks since returning from half term. Here are some photos from our first week back: 

We spent most of the week preparing for our birthday party for the Queen. The children designed party hats for her, made birthday cards and even a birthday badge. For their maths task they had to make a tally chart to work out which was going to be the most popular sandwich filling. As well as this each child in school made a red, white and blue flower for the Flower Festival that was held in church. 

On Friday the weather was not on our side so the party was moved to the classrooms. In the afternoon we played party games.

Last week we went to church to see the other displays that had been made for the Flower festival. It was lovely to see the effort that people had gone to.

We started looking at Grace Darling and the writing task was to retell the story. They worked really hard on this and were able to show just how well they had listened to the story.

On Friday it was the Summer Fair. Thank you to those who came out to support us in the rain!  

27th May 2016

So we have reached the end of another half term. The year is flying by now and soon we will be on the final stretch to the summer holidays. As usual our week has been full of different activities. Our writing job this week was to retell the story of Noah's Ark. The children worked really hard on this and I was impressed at just how much they remembered from the story. In maths we were looking at halving using pirate treasure, as well as working out number sentences to complete a colouring challenge. By this afternoon we were all very tired so we popped over to the cricket ground to have a quick practise for sports day which is going to be held on the first Wednesday back (8th June). 

Have a lovely holiday and we will see you when we come back!  

20th May 2016

The children had a very creative week this week where we had a go at following instructions to make a pirate hat and tested our cutting skills to make a moving pirate. Our writing task was to construct an acrostic poem based on our theme. The children had a lot of fun doing this and came up with some great ideas. In maths we were practising counting in tens. The children completed dot to dot pictures and had a go at finding ten more/less than a number given to them. On Friday afternoon we took a trip to the park to continue our learning on seasonal change. We studied the different trees and chose some leaves to bring back to school to identify.  

13th May 2016

This week our Pirate topic has continued. The children had a go at writing a message in a bottle and creating their own maps. As the week progressed we looked at grid references and had a go at writing instructions to go from one point to the buried treasure. On Friday we made fruit skewers which were a great success. 

6th May 2016

We have had a great week learning all about pirates. The class were sad to hear that Clara had been kidnapped so they wrote a letter to Captain Red Beard asking him to give her back. A few children had the idea of tricking him which ended up working really well and on Thursday morning she was returned safe and sound. 

Pirate day was a fun filled adventure from start to finish. The children listened to stories and sang songs in the morning followed by ship building in the afternoon. Here are some photos from the day...

Many thanks to all the children who helped to run the Human Fruit Machine stall at the Summer Fayre.  We had great fun!  Lots of customers kept coming back for another go!

This week the children walked down to Tescos to explore fruits from around the world.  Firstly, they were asked to identify different fruits and then they were invited to taste them.  Most children were willing to try fruits that they had never tasted before and they were pleasantly surprised!  Next the children were allowed to go to the back of the shop and look at the gigantic freezers.  Many thanks to Becky and Di who showed us round the shop and answered lots of questions. 

The children were challenged to design and make fruity pirate kebabs.  They enjoyed deciding which fruits that they would like to include on their kebab and some children created a design in a repeat pattern.  All children cut the fruit using knives with care and thought carefully about the importance of clean hands.  The children thoroughly enjoyed eating their fruity pirate kebabs.

Our writing task this week has been to write thank you letters to the people who showed us around the R.N.L.I. and the people who showed us around Tescos.  We are pleased that the children are thinking carefully about their handwriting skills.

In number, the children have been enjoying a variety of data handling tasks.  The children have created block graph to show the most popular ice-cream flavour in the Dolphins class.  Also the class created a tally chart to show our favourite fruits.

The Dolphins thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Bridlington….  The children walked down to the RNLI station and met Chris the mechanic.  He told us all about the lifeboats and what happens during an emergency.  He took us into the changing room and showed us all the protective clothing that the RNLI officers wear.  Some children were selected to try on the helmets and suits but they were far too big!  The children asked Chris the questions that they had prepared in the classroom and some children stated that they would like to work for the RNLI when they grow up.  Following, Alan took the children upstairs and showed them a video of a rescue.  The children were amazed at the quick response!  In the afternoon, the children enjoyed themselves on the beach.  All the children worked in groups on a variety of projects.  Some children decided that they would create lifeboats in the sand and others made mermaids.  One group decided that they would dig all the way to Australia!  We were very proud that the children behaved well on the trip and showed good manners.

The children wrote brilliant reports of the trip to Bridlington.  We have some very confident and competent writers!  Most children were able to write their report unaided.  Many children are remembering finish their sentence with a full stop but forgetting to begin the next sentence with a capital letter!

Next week the children are visiting Tescos to explore fruits from all around the world!

This week the Dolphins have been thinking about sea rescue.  The children have been investigating the work of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.  We are looking forward to our trip to the Bridlington R.N.L.I. and we have written down questions to ask the officers.  We are hoping that it is a sunny day so that we can build sculptures on the beach in the afternoon!

In number, the children pretended that they were about to become an R.N.L.I. officer and they had to order the protective clothing.  They were challenged to measure particular body parts so that their protective clothing would fit properly.  Most children know that we measure length in centimetres and their measurements are becoming more accurate.

Also, we have created a scrapbook of photographs showing all the amazing things that we done in the Dolphins class.  The children selected a photograph that they would like to write about.  We are proud that all the children wrote their sentences with very little help and most children remembered their capital letters and full stops!  The children have enjoyed looking through the scrapbook and reading what other children have written.  What an exciting year we have had!

As part of our Science curriculum, the children have been thinking about light sources.  The children have been investigating which objects give out light and which objects reflect light.   Next week the children are going to be investigating shadows.


We have had a very sporty week!  The children had a great time during Sport’s Afternoon – although it was rather cold!  All children showed good team spirit.  Also, the children enjoyed a round of golf on Tuesday morning.  Some children showed great skill and control with a club.

This week the Dolphins have been learning about maths through art activities.  The children studied the sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy and thought about the way he positions natural objects into various patterns that please the eye.  Then they were challenged to work in small groups to create their own sculptures using natural materials.  We are pleased to report that the children worked well as a team.  They could all describe the patterns that they created and thought about what their sculptures reminded them of.  Further, the children have been introduced to the work of Kandinsky. They recognised the shapes evident in his work and the children greatly enjoyed creating collages in the style of the famous artist.  Also, the children used a computer package to create Kandinsky style pictures.  In addition, the children were introduced to the concept of symmetry.  They successfully created symmetrical collages using coloured paper.

The children have also been up levelling their writing skills.  They were given a copy of a famous painting and asked to step inside the picture!  They wrote about what was happening in the picture and described the people present.  The children produced some very imaginative ideas!

At least we are having a warm spell of weather!  Please ensure that all jumpers and cardigans are named because some children are taking them off and not putting them in their drawers!  We do not want jumpers and cardigans to go missing.  Also, please can children bring a water bottle to school.  Many thanks.

We had an amazing time at Fun in the Woods!  Firstly, the children had to follow a treasure map to find the hidden treasure chest.  Then the groups were challenged to create a pirate ship out of the things that they could find in the woods.  The children were asked to create a flag to attach to their pirate ship.  They painted their design using mud!  Also the children were asked to create mud cannon balls to fire at targets – the trees!  The Dolphins particularly enjoyed making pirate swords out of sticks and string.  We used the swords to have a mock battle – in slow motion!  Next, the children were challenged to tie a hammock to two trees – they found lying in a hammock very peaceful.  We ate our dinner round the camp fire and sang traditional camping songs.  The children were told that they should always leave a forest in the state that it is found so the children put all their sticks and branches back where they found them.  All the children were well behaved and asked if they come return to fun in woods next week!

The children wrote fantastic reports about their day at Fun in the Woods.  They are becoming very good at beginning their sentences with time openers (The, Next, After, Soon, Finally…).  However, some children are still forgetting to put a full stop at the end of their sentences – yellow whoopsie!

In number the children are working on their subtraction skills.  Most children are able to use a number line to jump back from the given number when subtracting.  Some children are successfully counting back mentally when subtracting – wonderful!  The children know that when they are adding they count on and when they are subtracting they count back.

Many thanks for your continued support at home with reading skills – the children are becoming confident readers!

We hope you have a lovely half term break.  When we return to school in June we are having a maths through art week.

We are so proud of the Dolphins!  This week, the children had to retell the story – A New Home For A Pirate – and they did amazing!  All children are demonstrating that they are confident to write independently and they are using their sound knowledge to spell new words with accuracy.   Also, some children are beginning to punctuate their writing with exclamation marks, question marks and speech marks!  Many children are happy to write lengthy stories. They really enjoy writing!

In number, the children have been exploring capacity.  The children understand the terms full, half full and empty.  They enjoyed investigating how much the different jugs hold using nonstandard and standard measures.

The children have continued to enjoy their work on grid references.  They have worked in small groups to create large island maps with co-ordinates.  Next week the children will programme the robot bee bot to travel on their map and stop at a given grid reference.

Also, the children have been busy recreating Van Gogh’s Seascape.  The children used a glue spreader to apply the paint and made circular movements to create the effect of a rough sea.  The results are stunning!

This afternoon we are having our last Sports Day practise before the big event on Monday afternoon.  We hope you can make it.

The Dolphins have had a very busy and exciting week.  The children looked amazing in their pirate costumes – many thanks for all the hard work!  They enjoyed listening to a story teller and puppeteer called Carol Burton.  She told the children the story, A New Home For A Pirate and brought the story to life with her assortment of puppets.  The children joined in with the storytelling and sang the pirate songs.  Some children were required to walk the plank!  In the afternoon, the children used their creative skills to make props for pirate role play. Some children made pirate ships out of cardboard boxes and other children made flags, hooks, compasses, swords, etc.  Luckily, the rain stopped so we could all go outside with our pirate props to take part in pirate drama. 

All the children have begun to write the pirate stories that they planned last week.  We are so proud that the children are able to write lengthy stories.  They have so many ideas!

In number, the children are developing their sharing skills through problem solving.  For, example, 4 pirates share 16 gold coins – how many gold coins does each pirate receive?  The children are becoming more confident to show their workings out by drawing arrays:-

0          0          0          0

0          0          0          0

0          0          0          0

0          0          0          0

Also, the children have been studying treasure maps.  We have introduced the skill of reading grid references.  Many children are able to work out that the treasure is buried in B6 but more practise is needed.

Finally, our junk stock is becoming low!  We would appreciate it if you could send a bag of cereal boxes, smaller boxes, yoghurt pots, kitchen roll middles to school. Your children love to be creative!  Many thanks.

This week, the Dolphins have been encouraged to use their imaginations to create their own fantasy pirate stories.  On Monday, the children worked in small groups to create a pirate play to perform in front of the rest of the class.  The children were asked to think about exciting pirate characters and use their voices in interesting ways to actually become their character!  Next, the group had to devise some kind of a problem that the characters encountered and a solution.  The children are definitely developing their powers of imagination.  The following day, the children worked individually to produce their own pirate story map.

In maths, the children have been identifying and investigating 3D shapes.  Most children are able to recognise a sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder and a cone.  Now the children are practising describing the shapes – How many faces?  How many edges?  How many vertices?  The children were amazed at how many 3D shapes they could recognise in the environment.  Many thanks to all the children who have been practising the doubles rap.  You are fantastic!  Such attitude!

Next week we are have our year group pirate day on Wednesday. Yo ho, ho!   


Ahoy there Pirates!  On Monday the Dolphins found a sack of belongings in the middle of the carpet area.  We decided that we would look at the objects and think about who might have left the sack and why.  The children found gold coins, a telescope, a skull and cross bone flag, an eye-patch, a bottle of beer and a key!  They all thought that a pirate must have left his belongings but wondered why he left his keys.  What does the key unlock?  Finally, we found an old letter at the bottom of the bundle.  The letter explained that the possessions belonged to a pirate called Captain Redbeard and many years ago he sailed across the oceans looking for treasure to put in his treasure chest.  Also, he said that the key opened the lock on his treasure chest – but where is the treasure chest?  The children worked well together to answer the clues and locate the treasure chest – X marks the spot!  The children shared the treasure equally between them all. 

The children were excited by the prospect of learning through pirates.  Many children were able to share what they already knew about pirates with the rest of the class. 

On Wednesday, the children looked at different pictures of pirates and decided that they would like to design their own dastardly pirate.  They wrote good descriptions of their pirates.

In number, the children have been learning different ways to subtract.  Some children prefer carry out subtraction problems using apparatus, whereas, some children prefer to count back on a number line.  Also, some children have been trying to subtract a teens number from a two digit number by subtracting the number of tens and then subtracting the number of ones! 

Tomorrow, the children will have the opportunity to experiment with mixing primary colours to create secondary colours using paints. 

Next week, the children are going to begin to generate their own exciting pirate stories through drama!

 Welcome back!  The children were eager to share their holiday news with the rest of the class.  They wrote very good recounts about what they did during the holidays and thought carefully about achieving their writing target.

Spring is here!  On Wednesday the children walked down to Kings Mill to look for signs of Spring.  The children worked with their class buddy to find as much evidence as possible that Spring is here!  All children noted the daffodils and tulips growing in the gardens.  They noticed that some trees are in blossom and many trees have buds growing on them.  All the children recognised that the weather is becoming slightly warmer and they do not need to wear hats and gloves.  We were very lucky to see a duck swimming on the pond, followed by her young ducklings.  The children enjoyed sketching signs of Spring.  When we returned to school, the children tried to identify the names of the ducks that saw using the internet.

In maths, the children are trying hard to learn the order of the months of the year.  Also, the children are thinking about which months can be found in the different seasons.

Tomorrow, the children are going to view paintings of Spring flowers by Vincent Van Gogh and talk about what they like/dislike about his work!  Following the children are going to paint their own Spring flower paintings – thinking carefully about colour, shape and proportion.

Next week the children are going to be given a challenge by Captain Redbeard!

The Dolphins had a fantastic time at the Mini-Olympics on Tuesday. All the children worked hard on the various activities and showed that they had improved their hitting, throwing, dribbling and striking skills! It was great to see the children encouraging each other and working as a team.

Many thanks for sending your contributions to the R.N.L.I. box. We are pleased to report that the children achieved their challenge - Y1 made a line of coins that measured a lot more than 12 metres! The money will be sent to the R.N.L.I. as soon as possible.

We cannot believe that we have reached the end of the school year! The children have been a joy to teach and shown tremendous enthusiasm throughout. We will miss them all. We wish you all a very happy and safe summer holiday.

The Dolphin’s sang with enthusiasm at the Little Big Sing on Monday. The children had worked hard to learn the songs and they really made us proud.  Most children were extremely hungry following the singing so we decided to eat our packed lunches on the beach.  The children enjoyed working together to build amazing sandcastles and one group of boys decided to dig all the way to Australia!  The Dolphins were extremely well behaved at all times on the trip – wonderful!

The children wrote their memories of their time in Year 1.  They were surprised about how much they had learnt and achieved! 

Also, the children have drawn their own self-portraits using charcoal pencils.  We hope that you will come and view our portrait gallery on Monday. 

Finally, the children enjoyed a party on Friday afternoon for being the best class at lining up.  We played stations, pass the parcel, musical statues and enjoyed eating iced buns. 


The children took part in a day of reflecting! The day began with a stilling exercise, whereby the children were asked to use their imaginative skills to enter the natural world. Most children said that the activity made them feel calm and relaxed. The Dolphins decided that they would like to have an area in the classroom where they could go to be calm, quiet and reflect upon things that affect them! Also, the children were asked to think about everything that they have achieved during this school year. They created achievement crowns to display their successes this year. What a magnificent parade!

All children enjoyed taking part in Sports Day and demonstrated great team spirit. Many thanks for coming along to support our annual event.

The children have become excited about raising money for the RNLI. They have decided that they would like to invite people to bring their spare change to school. Towards the end of the term the children will place the coins in one long line and measure the length of the line. It is hoped that the line of coins will measure more than 12 metres – the length of the Bridlington lifeboat! The children have designed fantastic posters about our fundraising project to inform members of our school community. Again, many thanks for your support.

We are all looking forward to the Little Big Sing on Monday! Remember to sing up!

The Dolphins had a wonderful time on the school trip to Bridlington. The weather was gorgeous and the children were extremely well behaved. Mr Walker and Chris the mechanic showed us around the lifeboat station and gave the children lots of interesting facts about the lifeboat itself. The children prepared their own interesting questions to ask members of the lifeboat crew. Mr Walker informed us that the RNLI relies on charitable donations and so the children are thinking about a way that they could raise money for the RNLI. In the afternoon the children enjoyed themselves on the beach and built fantastic sandcastles.

The Dolphins wrote a report about their experiences in Bridlington and we are extremely pleased with the results. The children are thinking more carefully about the openers and connectives that they use in their sentences. Also, standard of handwriting in our class has improved!

The children have been working hard on their skills for the Year 1 Sports afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing you there to support your child.

Tomorrow we are having a whole school day RE Day entitled A Time to Reflect. We want to give the children an opportunity to reflect on what they have achieved at school this year!

At the beginning of the week the children wrote a newspaper report on the night that Grace Darling rescued the shipwrecked people. The children thought carefully about the layout of a newspaper and many children made good attempts to include a quote from an eyewitness. Also, the Dolphins have been preparing questions to ask the RNLI officers on our trip to Bridlington. It is pleasing to note that the children have become more confident to carry out their own research and appear excited by their new project.  

In number, the children have been working hard on their number targets. Many children are making good progress with their mental calculation skills. All children know that they can use a number line as an aid if the calculation is challenging.

The children have enjoyed the opportunity to carry out a science investigation. They worked well with their group to investigate the question – ‘What happens to shadows when the objects become taller?’ The children had to decide how to carry out the investigation and put forward a prediction.

Today we have been baking buns for our stall at the Summer Fair – we hope to see you there!

The Dolphins have been learning about a famous lady from the past called Grace Darling.  The children enjoyed researching her story on the internet and acting out the events in small groups.  Following, the class decided that they would like to create a Grace Darling set in the role-play area.  Many children understood that Grace became famous because she was extremely brave at a time when women were not expected to be brave.  The Dolphins wrote fantastic reports about the night that Grace Darling rescued the men and some children included dialogue!

Also, the Dolphins have been exploring natural and manmade light sources.  The children investigated different light sources and found out that a mirror is not a light source.

The children are excited about learning the songs for The Little Big Sing – Rocking All Over The World / Wimmoweh!


This week in the Dolphins class we have been looking at art through maths as part of maths week. We have been stepping into famous pictures and writing about what we can see in the picture. Also we have been using our measuring skills to cut strips of coloured paper to create 3D art. We have been observing the work of Andy Goldsworthy and made fantastic attempts at creating our own 3D sculptures using natural materials.  In addition we have looked at pictures by Kandinsky and discussed the shapes that we can see. The children have enjoyed making their own shape pictures in the style of Kandinsky.

 Next week we are researching a famous person from the past called Grace Darling.

The Dolphins had a wonderful time at Fun in the Woods. On arrival, the children were given a talk by Elaine who explained the importance about keeping safe in the woods. She introduced the children to lots of fun activities that anyone can do in the woods. Firstly, the children were given a list of natural objects to find. They worked well together to find them all. Next, the children greatly enjoyed mud painting and den making using branches and twigs. Also, the children used potato peelers to make a pointy stick so that they could toast marshmallows on the camp fire! Finally, the children joined together to sing songs around the camp fire. The Dolphins definitely had fun in the woods!

The children decided that they would like to write a class book about their trip to the woods.

Also, the children have been looking carefully at the painting Seascape by Vincent van Gogh. The children were asked to think about how Van Gogh created a stormy sea painting. Tomorrow the children are going to attempt to paint their own stormy sea.

We hope you enjoy the half term break.

The Dolphins have successfully designed and created a fruity pirate sword for Captain Redbeard’s birthday. Captain Redbeard asked the children to design a fruity pirate sword that was both juicy and colourful. He was very pleased with the results! The children enjoyed eating their fruity pirate swords and many children said that they enjoyed trying the many different fruits.

The children have been looking carefully at the work of the artist Paul Cezanne. They observed that he enjoyed painting arrangements of fruit (still life). The children were challenged to create their own still life drawings of arrangements of fruit, using oil pastels. Many children are thinking more carefully about shape, colour and proportion when carrying out observational drawing.

Also, the dolphins have been working hard to plan and write their own pirate stories. We are very pleased that the children are thinking more imaginatively about their ideas and thinking more carefully about their letter formation and handwriting style.


The Dolphins have been set a challenge to work in groups and create a fantasy pirate story through drama. The children have enjoyed thinking about the character that they would like to be in the story and how he/she would talk and act. The groups have worked with the teacher to generate a story plan – with an exciting beginning, middle and ending. All children know that a good story has a problem that needs to be solved! The groups have used their time in the areas to practise performing their plays and making props. The children are planning to record their plays on the ipad and view their plays at a later date.

This week, Captain Redbeard challenged the children to buy items for his pirate crew! We are pleased that the children are becoming more able at giving the correct amount of coins to buy items. Also, many children are able to work out the amount of change required.

On Tuesday, the children had a wonderful time at the cricket ground practising athletics and golf skills.

We look forward to seeing lots of young pirates in the morning! Yo! Ho! Ho!

Ahoy, me Hearties!

The Dolphins are extremely excited about their new class topic – Pirates. Captain Redbeard left a letter in the classroom asking the children if they would like to solve a set of clues in order to find the hidden treasure. The children worked well together to solve the riddles and locate all the hidden clues. The treasure was taken back to the classroom and enjoyed by all!                                                      

The children have been carrying out their own research on the topic of pirates, using the internet and books. They decided that they would like to create their own pirates. The children drew some fantastic pictures of their pirates and wrote detailed descriptions about them. We are pleased that the children are beginning to use a wider range of describing words.

Our role play area has become a ‘pirate ship’ and the children are making good attempts at having pirate conversations. Many children are asking if they can make telescopes, ships wheels, flags……… to put in the role play area – we would be grateful if you could send any junk for our workshop (especially cardboard tubes).

Also, the children have experimented with colour mixing this week. The children have found out how to make the secondary colours (green, orange, purple,) using the primary colours (red, yellow, blue,).

We are all looking forward to our Pirate Day next Friday!

The Dolphins were invited to Tescos to learn more about where their food comes from. They enjoyed learning about the process of baking bread and looked carefully at the different varieties of fish on the fish counter. Next, they carried out an activity whereby they matched the colours of the rainbow to different fruits and vegetables. Finally, they enjoyed tasting fruits from around the world!

This week the children have been thinking about their time at school so far. They created wonderful time lines showing what they enjoyed most about Pre-school, Foundation Stage and Year 1. Also, the children have investigated what their school was like in the past. They generated their own questions to ask Miss Galtry (who taught at this school a long time ago) and Mr Straker (who attended the school during the 1940s). The children wrote about what they had found out.

A Victorian teacher named Miss Dawson arrived in our classroom in her Uncle’s time machine. She was extremely strict and told the children about what life was like in our classroom 150 years ago. She brought a dunces cap, cane and naughty basket with her. The children experienced a Victorian style lesson and drew portraits of Miss Dawson using charcoal pencils. We hope you enjoy viewing our exhibition in the school hall.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!


This week the Dolphins have been thinking about the changing seasons. We decided to walk to Kings Mill to look for signs of Spring. The children noticed the blossom on the trees and the beautiful Spring flowers growing in the gardens. Also, there were some sightings of ducklings, bees and butterflies! The children worked in pairs and sketched what they saw.

In the classroom, the children wrote about what happens in Spring. We are pleased that many children are beginning to join two sentences together using connective words such as and, so, but, because…. Also, most children are remembering to place a full stop at the end of their sentences but forget to begin the following sentence with a capital letter!

Tomorrow we are going to look at and talk about paintings of spring flowers by Vincent Van Gogh. Following, the children are going to observe and paint daffodils, tulips and hyacinths.

Next week, we are having a mini topic on ‘Our School’. We would be extremely grateful if you could talk to your child about what school was like when you were at school (see homework page). Also, it would be fantastic if your child could talk to grandparents about their school days.

Finally, our workshop area needs more junk! Please send to school any small boxes, plastic pots, etc. Many Thanks.


This week the magic landed in Antarctica and the children have been thinking about what they could do and see there. They have created their own story plans and written a fantasy story set in Antarctica. We are extremely pleased with the writing that the children produced and particularly the wow words they have chosen.

On Thursday, a designer called Rachel came into the class to talk about the importance of design when making products.  She showed the children some designs she had produced to make a kite and explained that she continually adapts and improves her designs before making an end product. The children have decided that they are going to think carefully about designing when they are working in the workshop area.

We hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day surprises!

This week the children have enjoyed listening to a variety of poems about African animals.  They have been thinking about how the animal moves, what they look like and the noises they make.  All the wonderful ideas have been used to create some superb poetry.  Would you like to read some examples?

The Cheetah

Hundreds of black spots on yellow, silky fur.

It walks on four speedy legs.

Prowls through the jungle so quietly.

Glistening eyes, looking for delicious food.

Rests lazily in the boiling sun.





The Elephant

A long, curly trunk.

Enormous, floppy ears.

His feet go stomp, stomp.

He has white, pointy tusks.

He has a stubby, swishy tail.





This week the children went on an amazing journey on their magic carpet.  They landed in Africa!  The children have been carrying out research to find out what it is like in Africa, using books and the internet.  The role-play area has been transformed into the African Savanna and the children are enjoying creating sketches.  Many children have been imagining that they are on a safari and they can see elephants, tigers and vultures!  In the workshop, the children have been designing and making items that they would need for a safari – binoculars, sunhats, water bottles, cameras……. 

The Dolphins produced some fantastic imaginative writing about their magic carpet trip to Africa.  We are extremely pleased that children are including lots of describing words in their writing.  Also, many children are trying much harder to form their letters correctly.  Next week we are going to listen and appreciate some poems about African animals.  Perhaps, they will give us the inspiration to write our own poems about African animals.


The Dolphins have had an extremely busy week at school!  On Monday the children explored 3D shapes through building and playing games.  Many children are now able to identify cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres and cones.  We were surprised to find how many shapes we could see in our classroom.

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making and eating pancakes!  Also, we explored how Shrove Tuesday is celebrated throughout the world and, as a result, we made masks similar to those worn during the Mardigras carnivals.  We thought about why Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday and put forward ideas as to what we could give up during the period of Lent. 

The children particularly enjoyed coming to school dressed as their favourite book character.  We had a whole school parade in the hall!  The Dolphins took part in a book hunt around the school – they had to work out the location of particular books from the clues given.  The children worked well as a team to recover all the books.  We hope you have enjoyed joining us for a story time sessions this week.


Our class found a dolphin on the magic bed with a sign stating HELP!  The children have been thinking about why the dolphin could be in trouble and how they could help him.  Following, children wrote down their imaginative ideas on a story planner.  We are pleased that the children are beginning to generate more original ideas for their stories.


The children have enjoyed designing their own sea creature.  They have drawn their design on coloured felt and cut it out, with care.  The children are looking forward to decorating their sea creature and attaching it to a hessian background.  Next week, we are going to sew on the hessian background!  We would be extremely grateful if anyone could donate threads, silks or wool for our sewing project.


Also, we have been investigating symmetrical shapes and patterns throughout week.  The children have enjoyed looking for examples of symmetry in the classroom and the playground.  Indeed, many children noticed that their face and clothes were symmetrical!  They had great fun painting symmetrical sea creatures!

 Congratulations to the Dolphins!  The children worked hard on writing their instructions to make a piece of toast and won a toast party!  Please take a look at our pictures below……

This week, the children have been using their imagination to think about ideas as to where they could go on the magic bed.  They came up with a variety of ideas – the jungle, superhero land, under the sea, monkey land…..  Following, the children were challenged to create a story map whereby they drew diagrams and wrote key words to show what happened in their magic bed story.  Many children came up with exciting ideas for characters and plots.

In the workshop, the dolphins have been designing, making and evaluating their own magic beds.  We are proud that the children have carried out this task with very little help.  Following, the children were asked to think of a special word that would give their bed the power to fly!

In number, the children have begun to recognise and extend number sequences.  Also, we have reinforced work on telling the time.  The children are becoming more confident at recognising o’clock, half past and quarter past.

We hope you have a lovely half term break!

The groups enjoyed presenting their findings about the topic pets to the rest of the class.  All the children demonstrated that they could work as part of a team and support each other. 

Our focus for this week has been to write a set of accurate instructions.  The children have written fantastic instructions on how to care for a dog.  They are aware that an instruction must begin with a bossy verb.  Also, the children have been thinking carefully about writing a set of instructions on how to make a piece of toast.  Tomorrow the children are going to follow their instructions to make toast for a toast party!

In number, we have been practising solving subtraction sentences using a number line.  Most children have successfully found the gap!  Also, the children have used numicom and rhymes to help them identify odd and even numbers. 


Next week, the Dolphins are going to read The Magic Bed by John Burningham.  Following the children are going to use their imagination to think of ideas for their own fantasy journey on the magic bed.   

The Dolphins have been busy finding the answers to their questions about pets.  On Monday, Sue came to school to talk to the children about the work of the RSPCA.  She brought a 10 week old puppy, called Bazil, to school and said that he needed to find a home!   Bazil was very well behaved and enjoyed playing with the children.  Sadly, Year 1 learned that some people do not treat their animals well and the RSPCA are an organisation that help to ensure that all animals are well looked after.  On Thursday, the children visited the local pet shop (Pet Paradise). We had a wonderful time looking at the fish, hamsters and gerbils.  The children were making very good observations about the pets.  Also, they met and touched a tortoise called Wilson and the children came up with lots of ideas as to why he kept putting his head inside his shell!  On Friday, the children are going to display the work that they have produced about pets.

This week, the children have written their own fantasy stories about an animal that came for tea at their house.  We are so proud that the children have developed the confidence to write more independently.  Also, the children are thinking more carefully about their handwriting style and their spelling attempts are very good.  Next week we are going to ask Dr Punctuation for a little help because some children are still forgetting that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop!

Our focus for next week is to be able to give a set of accurate instructions, both verbal and written!

The children are enjoying carrying out their research on the topic of pets.  They have decided that they would like to find the answers to the following questions.

What do people call their pets?     

How do you look after a dog?      

How do you make a dog agility course?    

What does a vet do?    

Which pets are the most popular in our school?  

During the week, we had a visit from Lucy the veterinary and Debbie the veterinary nurse (Aldgate Veterinary Practice).  They told us about the different pets that they treat and how they make them better.  Also, she brought lots of veterinary equipment and different kinds of worms for the children to look at!

This week, the Dolphins have carried out lots of problem solving activities involving counting and addition.  It is great to see that children are beginning to successfully apply their skills to different tasks. 

Also, we are proud that the children are working well in groups and pairs.  We are noticing that children are encouraging one another and praising each other for their efforts. 

Many thanks to all the parents who have sent junk to school – we still need more!

The Dolphins began the week by sharing what they already know about the topic – ‘Pets’.  The children enjoyed describing their own pets to the rest of the class and some children talked about the pet that they would like to look after.  Following the class decided that they wanted to write about their pets or the pet that they would like to have.  We are thrilled that the children are thinking more carefully about their writing targets and are making fantastic attempts to write more!  Some children are trying to include more ‘wow’ words in their writing – many thanks to Violet Vocabulary for her help!

Many children have asked if they can bring a photograph of their pet into school – a wonderful idea!  Please note that any children who do not have a pet could print or draw a picture of their favourite pet.

Next week, the children begin to carry out some research on the topic ‘Pets’.  The children will work in small groups to find out the answer to their chosen question.  Luckily, there some visitors coming to school that might be able to help!

This half term the children are taking part in rhythmic gymnastics as part of their PE curriculum – great fun!


Once, again we are asking parents to send their junk to school.  The children greatly enjoy making in the workshop – we would be very grateful if you could help us to resource the area.



Happy New Year!  The children have enjoyed talking to the class about all the exciting things that they have done during the Christmas holidays.  They were eager to write about their holiday news and we are pleased that the children are beginning to write more lengthy accounts. 

All the children have written their New Year’s Resolutions and we hope that you will enjoy reading them at Parents Evening.

Next week, we begin our research projects on ‘Pets’. 



Happy New Year!  The children have enjoyed talking to the class about all the exciting things that they have done during the Christmas holidays.  They were eager to write about their holiday news and we are pleased that the children are beginning to write more lengthy accounts. 

All the children have written their New Year’s Resolutions and we hope that you will enjoy reading them at Parents Evening.

Next week, we begin our research projects on ‘Pets’.