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Driffield Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School

Learning through Friendship and Fun


Autumn  2018

Welcome to The Year Two page where we hope you will find lots of information about our latest activities. 


We have had a great sessions with the Police, learning about Stranger Danger and Road Safety.

Ask your child to tell you about 'Safe Strangers' and the different kinds of crossings as they learnt lots about both of those topics today. 

Perseverance is the theme for the Young Leaders Award. 

You can see below how we worked together to persevere and free the items from the block of ice.... using limited tools! 

A huge thank you go to the ladies at Tesco who made us feel very welcome (as usual) we enjoyed the interesting discussions we had with the members of staff. 

We have all loved visiting Elmswell Farm with Farmer John and looking at the seasonal changes that have occurred since we last visited. 

We love seeing Boswell!

We have been loving the challenging that our Math's No Problem books are offering us and have been working really hard solving the addition and subtraction problems that we have been given. 

Last week the children in Year Two were excited to meet Rozy, Karen and Gracie as part of the launch for The Archbishop's Young Leader Award. 
This is forming our Autumn Topic and the first element that we are covering is 'Kindness' 
Ask your child what they have learnt about so far and how they are being kind.

Please find below the Topic Web for this Term. 

Summer Term 2018

The children have enjoyed learning about 'Understanding Christianity' since returning from the Easter break. We are now moving into our new topics of 'New Arrivals' and 'Finding a Home' which will lead us into lots of areas of science! Please see the topic web below for more information about which areas of the curriculum we will be covering;

2nd - 6th July

Another hot week! This week has mainly been taken up with rehearsals. Robins and Puffins went to the park on Friday afternoon and the Puffins had a very welcome ice lolly on returning to school as part of their reward for wining a lining up certificate. Kingfishers will be going at a later date!

Please, please in this weather make sure your child had a sun hat and water bottle in school every day.

25th - 29th June

Creative Arts week!

This week the children did various different arts inside and out. They enjoyed creating a winged creature outside with Mrs.Kettlewell, a figure of an exercising character running towards their dreams and even had a street dance session with Mrs.Vodden. 

18th - 22nd June

A very busy week!

All Key Stage 1 children had the wonderful experience of a Hindu wedding.

All the children dressed up and learnt all about the different traditions and how they differ and also similarities with other wedding ceremonies. 

The colour in the hall was amazing. The children then tried different foods for their lunch.


19th June

The Puffins went to the woods today to explore bugs. They looked for creepy-crawlies in the dark wooded areas and flying insects in the open flower meadow. 

11th - 15th June

All 3 classes have been to Elmswell farm this week. They had a very informative walk and talk with farmer John and in the afternoon they used the school room to do some follow up science work. 

Robin class

Puffin class

12th June

Puffins went to Kingsmill woods as part of their science learning. They used a Woodland Trust nature scavenger hunt to find things such as a munched leaf, a buttercup, 5 types of grass etc. The Robin followed us around the woods but it was the chaffinch that popped down to see us.  

4th June

Bugtopia visited school and each class had an hour lesson on various unusual creatures. They could hold and stroke a giant cockroach, a giant millipede, an African snail and a tarantula. It was an excellent session and most children held the various creatures.

18th May 

We all celebrated the Royal Wedding that would be happening the next day. Kingfishers made pitta pizzas, Puffins fruit kebabs and Robins had a whole selection of buns and sweets to accompany their party buffet lunch.


30th April - 4th May

The Kingfisher class started the week with the final assembly of the Bible stories - Salvation. This told the Easter story and was very well acted and presented. 

23rd - 27th April

This week two of the classes led Collective Worship. Puffins told the story of the Creation and unraveled a 7m picture then Robins told the story of the Incarnation. Next week Kingfishers will be leading the worship on the Salvation. 

16th - 20th April

Summer seems to have come to Driffield! 

This week the Robins class started their science topic of classification by making animal masks and using the medium of dance to show their learning and understanding.

The RE focus has continued and next week children will be doing a class assembly to show what they have learnt. This week Puffins started the art work for "The Creation"

large scale planning.
large scale planning.

9th - 13th April

It was nice to see everyone after the Easter holidays. Thank you to all the children (and parents!) who went to so much effort to design and make an Easter basket. They looked amazing and it was a very difficult job for Mrs.Thackray to judge them all. 

The winners!
The winners!

Over the next 2 weeks each class will be looking at a different part of the bible - Puffins are doing creation, Robins the nativity and Kingfishers Salvation. Each class will also be producing a piece of artwork to represent their theme. This week Robins started theirs - it was a very busy classroom.

Spring term 2018

22nd March

The Easter service was great, we really enjoyed listening to the Kingfishers sing a song. Well done to the 10 speakers who read the Easter story - we were very proud of them. 

21st March

Thank you to everyone who came to the "Bedtime Story" session it was great to see so many children. A huge thank you to Mrs.Kettlewell's nana for baking lots of buns for our supper.  Here are some photos from that evening. 

Monday 12th - Fri 16th March

National Science Week

The children have been really busy this week investigating all sorts of scientific tasks. 

Lots of questions were asked and answered........ lots of packets of Mentos bought!

Will coloured water change the white flowers?
Will coloured water change the white flowers?
Can we make square bubbles.
Can we make square bubbles.
Can we blow up a balloon without touching it?
Can we blow up a balloon without touching it?
Adding water to Skittles!
Adding water to Skittles!

Kingfishers had to design a container to transport tomatoes without damaging them, Puffins made a digestive system, Robins made lava lamps and slime. Here are some photos of some of the activities this week. 

Tuesday 13th March - Thackray Museum part 2!

After we had to cancel the trip due to the snow it was great to set off on a nice sunny morning to Leeds with Robins and the other half of the Kingfishers.

The children really got involved in finding out information about living in the past and the awful conditions many people lived in. 

As before, the children chose characters and followed their progress. Mrs.Jackson was very impressed with how many children could read words such as tuberculosis and diphtheria!  

working out in shillings and pence if our characters could afford treatment.
working out in shillings and pence if our characters could afford treatment.
Some didn't survive!
Some didn't survive!
And some did!!
And some did!!

Eating live snails for whooping cough, powdered toad pills for asthma and a fresh cow pat for an inflammation were all treatments in Victorian times. We looked at how science has made us safe from diseases and how as babies we were vaccinated against some of these illnesses. 

We then went into the area dedicated to our senses. We saw how far a pea travels once we've eaten it, how blood pumps around our hearts and tested our sense of smell.

Medics of the future?
Medics of the future?

We did a great workshop with Hannah from the museum on teeth and how to keep ourselves healthy. We all got a certificate to allow us free entry to the museum as well. Everyone had an excellent day including the adults. Here are some more photos of the trip. 

Friday 9th March - World Book Day

After we had to postpone World Book day last week due to the snow, it was great to see everyone dressed up today. The children did lots of activities including a book swap, shared reading to younger children and a quiz. The children all exchanged their book tokens courtesy of WH Smith. Here are some photos of Year 2.

Tuesday 6th March

Puffins and half of the Kingfisher class went to Leeds to the Thackray Medical Museum as part of their "Vile Victorians" topic. 

The first activity was to travel back in time to 1842 and the yards of the dark and smelly Leeds. Each child had to chose a character and read the information about resident and then track this person around the museum. 

The yards were dark, dirty and smelly and we saw a butchers shop, the homes of the different characters ,the slaughter house, the communal toilet and the boarding house - none of us fancied a stay in there!

After the gloom of the street we then were presented with the different diseases each character had  - smallpox, tuberculosis , diphtheria, cholera and measles to name but a few! The options for a cure were limited and depended on how much money you had, some of the characters had no options at all!! 

Only the wealthy could afford to see the chemist.
Only the wealthy could afford to see the chemist.

By the end of this section we found out which of the characters survived and who didn't. They are actually based on real people who lived in Leeds at the time. 

Kingfishers finding out which of the characters survived.
Kingfishers finding out which of the characters survived.

The session about teeth was really interesting and to really explain how our teeth work they used a banana sandwich.


Making the sandwich.
Making the sandwich.
Incisors - they cut the food.
Incisors - they cut the food.
Canines - they crushed the food.
Canines - they crushed the food.
Molars - mashed the food.
Molars - mashed the food.

When the food was mashed we added saliva and stomach acids - the perfect way to show the children about what happens to our food. The children then did an exercise on sorting healthy and unhealthy food.

In the Learning zone the children also used the interactive exhibits to find out more about the senses. Here are some more photos from the day. 


Over the past few weeks the children have been looking at notable Victorian authors. Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" led to some excellent poetry writing and superb made up words. Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories" have been the latest focus with lots of creative writing being produced.

As part of the "Vile Victorian" topic, the Robin class looked at how Louis Pasteur discovered the benefits of bacteria. They did an experiment using bread. 

29th Jan - 2nd Feb

Another busy week in Year 2. 

The maths focus has been on weight/mass. Children have been learning about grams and kilograms and how to read a scale.

The children have been enjoying our revamped library and have looked at the new books. We also use this space for intensive intervention work too. The Kingfisher class have been learning about illnesses common in Victorian times and how the lack of vitamins deformed the bodies of many a child. They tried out some sources of vitamin C - their faces are really funny.

Puffin class led whole school worship on Thursday and it was about this half terms value of "Perseverance"

Here are some photos of the last week.  

24th January 2018

The children undertook their scooter training which is provided by East Riding council. The weather could not have been worse but all the children enjoyed learning how to control their scooter and how to stay safe when out and about. 

Following the success of the Victorian themed fortnight at the beginning of the term, Year 2 will be exploring the topic of 'Vile Victorians' for the rest of the Spring Term. Below is a copy of our topic web showing some of the areas of learning we intend to cover:

Welcome back to school, we hope you've all had a great Christmas and you have finally managed to rid yourselves of all the Nativity songs we learnt.

This term we are focusing on the Victoria Era, how they lived, the medical breakthroughs, the inventions and also how vile life really could be. We are starting the topic as a whole school event "Our School in the past" .

The children have really opened their eyes to the building itself and all the original features and changes over the time. The Headteacher log books dating back to 1864 have been fascinating and are a great source of information. 

The day started with a very somber assembly , followed by exercise drill. The children learnt the different rules and stuck to them rigidly throughout the day. The afternoon the children were once again split into boys and girls with the boys learning whittling and technical drawing and the girls sewing and making a dolly peg. 

In March the Y2 children will be visiting the Thackray museum in Leeds and travelling back to the Victorian era again. 

Traction Man!

The children have enjoyed looking at a few different Traction Man stories and they have had fun writing their own stories too!

This term we are working around the theme of 'Superheroes'. The children will be taking part in a variety of activities linked to the National Curriculum objectives. Below is a copy of our curriculum web showing the areas of the curriculum which we will be focusing on and some brief activity ideas:  

We began our topic with a visit from the notorious Dr Reverse who caused mischief around the school by reversing the coats of unsuspecting members of staff. The children watched the CCTV clips at school and have been set the challenge to find out which is the best superhero to help us!

Here is a photograph of Dr Reverse from the CCTV footage:

The Puffins and Robins enjoyed their trip to Elmswell Farm this week. Here are some photographs:

The Year 2 children enjoyed taking part in the multi skills morning at the Junior School: