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Driffield Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School

Learning through Friendship and Fun

Autumn Term 2017

Summer Term 2017

July 14th

Log onto Active Learn, there are new games and the books have been changed if your has moved a colour band.

Thank you for all your support over the year it has been much appreciated by both myself and Miss Brough.

July 7th 

Revise money-Can you make amounts to 20p or 50p.

Can you make sure all your letters are formed correctly ready for Year Two. Practise your handwriting by writing a pirate story.


June 30th 

Remember your bucket and spade for Monday. 

Also remember your coat just in case it rains!

Can you tell the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour?

Can you record what time you have breakfast, dinner, tea and your bed time?

This could be the digital time or you could draw a clock face to show the times.

June 23rd 


Can you use a ruler to measure objects accurately?

Can you fill a jug with water to 50mls  or 100mls?

Can you weigh some ingredients when baking?

Can you read the temperature on a thermometer?



June 9th 

To mentally recall the doubles and halves up to 20.

Double 6 is 12, half of 12 is 6.

Extend further if you can.

Can your child show you how to make the marshmallow catapult we made at Elmswell? You need skewers,marshmallows,an elastic band, a plastic spoon and tape.

Can you beat 2metres and 50cms which was our record. Have fun.

May 26th

There is a  a new game called Nimble Gnomes involving doubling and halving. 

Go for a walk to collect natural materials. Use them to create your own piece of  artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Take a photo to show the class.

Visit the library and borrow some lovely story books.

Enjoy your holiday.

May 19th

This week your spellings are the number words from eleven to twenty. 

An extension would then be to carry on with writing the tens numbers as words -- thirty, eighty etc..

Can you add 3 1 digit numbers together?  



May 12th 

This week your spellings are not from the card. You will need to practise writing the numbers 1-10 in words. [see book bag] 

If this is easy then carry on and write the number words to twenty.

We are still collecting tubes to make lighthouses.

Next week we are revising shape. Can you remember the names of the 3D shapes?



May 5th

There is a new game called 'Balloon Pop' for you to try on Active Learn. It will help you with mental addition. 

Count on or back in tens from a given number.

Example-52 62 72 82...

          85  75  65  55 45...


April 28th

Can you find some maps which show the route of the Tour de Yorkshire? See if you can find Driffield, Pocklington and Garrowby Hill. You may be able to watch some of the race on ITV4.

Where did the race finish?

Who was the winner?

Which team does he ride for?

Friday 7th April

Can you find out some facts about the Tour de Yorkshire? Where does the race start and finish? 

Things to do in the holiday could include

1.Go on a bike ride as a family. 

2.Go for a walk to Kingsmill and feed the ducks.

3.Visit the library and borrow some books to read.

4. Bake a delicious cake as a practise for the Bake Off at school.

5. Have an Easter egg hunt.

6.Enjoy your family time.



March 31st

Share the 'Easter Story' with your child.

Make amounts up to £1 using a different variety of coins.


March 23rd

If you are baking anytime soon practise weighing and measuring any ingredients you use.

Practise counting back from any number up to 50, e.g. count back from 46-34. If this is easy extend to 100.

March 17th

There are some homework ideas on the news page but if you would like any extra please practise  writing at home. This could be a list of animals, keep a diary for a week or write out a recipe for Mum.

As a parent look out for correct letter formation, finger spaces and sitting the letters on the line. Thank you for all the support you give your children, it all pays off in the long term. 

March 10th

Next week we shall be practising telling the time.

Can your child read o'clock and half past times on an analogue clock? What about quarter past and quarter to? If you have a digital clock can you read the times on this too?

March 3rd

This week we have learnt about odd and even numbers. Can you spot any odd or even numbers on doors on your way to school? 

We have also talked about the words half and quarter,  [1/2 and 1/4] At home you could cut fruit, cakes and pizza into halves and quarters.

You can learn half of a quantity -- half of 8 is 4, half of 12 is 6 and half of 20 is 10.

Extend to a quarter of an amount if you feel confident.


Friday 17th February

We had our Mexican lunch at school today and really enjoyed it.

What can you find out about Mexico? Can you find it on a map or globe?  What would be  traditional Mexican food? Which sea or ocean is close to Mexico?  

Have a lovely holiday. You could go for a walk to Kings Mill and look for signs of Spring.

February 10th 2017

 Can you look for objects at home and outdoors that are 3D shapes. Can you find a cylinder,  cube,  cuboid,  pyramid,  cone and sphere?

Can you recite the days of the week? 

Extension- can you name the months of the year? 


February 3rd 2017

Every child has been given a number line yesterday. Please can you help them to practise using it. Can you add a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number? Can you subtract a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number?

There are also 5 more spellings to learn.

Thank you for all your support.

January 27th

Find out some facts about your favourite dinosaur to bring in and share with the class.

Remember to keep learning your spellings, everyone is doing very well. Please remember the card every Friday.