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Learning through Friendship and Fun

Starfish Class

News and Photos 2017!

Spring Term 2018

15th March 2018

The following spelling test of this term will be on Friday 23rd March. The spellings will be: ask, friend, school, put, push, pull.

Starfish class have really enjoyed British Science week this week! On Monday we experimented with floating and sinking, and had a go at writing some predictions. On Tuesday we looked at how different things react when mixed together. We watched a balloon inflate because we mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda, and we saw a yogurt pot fly into the air because we mixed a vitamin c tablet with water in a small contained pot. On Thursday we made aluminium cans move by hovering a balloon over them - we had charged the balloon with static electricity by rubbing it on our jumpers! We also had a go at making our hair float, and sticking the balloons on the walls in our classroom! We also spent time finding out about Professor Stephen Hawking, who died this week. The children asked some very thoughtful questions about his life, and his contributions to science. 

In Phonics we have looked at how 'al' can make an ar sound, in words like 'calf' or 'almond', and how 'o' and 'i' can make short and long sounds - such as'pot' and 'go', or 'fish' or 'find'.

In maths we have been looking at numbers to 40 to help us with place value. We have just learnt the word 'digit', and have been working hard at working out 10s and 1s in numbers. 

Below are some photos and a video from our Science week.

9th March 2018


The following spelling test will be on Friday 16.03.18 with the words: where, love, come, some, one, once.

This week in Maths the children have been using rulers to measure things around the classroom. They each made their own 10cm ruler using 1cm strips of paper to help them, and had lots of fun with them. The rulers have gone home (to their request) so they could measure different things around the house!

We also spent a lesson investigating numbers to 40, and how we could partition them into '10s' and '1s'. We will be looking at this more next week!

In the Phonics children have been looking at the 'ear' sound, and how some times it can be spelt 'ere' or 'eer'. We also looked at how the 'ear' trigraph can make an 'ur' sound.

We had a look at the different countries in the United Kingdom this week, and looked at the different native animals for each country.

We have FINALLY had our World Book Day! We have really enjoyed learning all about Beatrix Potter and the stories she wrote - she is now one of our favourite authors!


  • We had a costume parade with the whole school this morning,
  • We got to spend some time reading with some of the foundation children from Hedgehog class! Well done Starfish for being such an excellent example, and reading so well with the younger children!
  • This afternoon we had a whole school book quiz, where teams of 2 children from FS, Y1, Y2 joined together to try and win the grand prize. Unfortunately the 'Matilda' team that the 2 Starfish children were in did not win, but we were very proud of how carefully they thought about the answers they gave!
  • We also spent time today doing some drama of Beatrix Potter stories, the 'shows' turned into 'comedies' with some very comedic running away from Mr McGregor!
  • We also learned a song about Peter Rabbit, and learned some makaton signs to help us sing along.

The lovely staff at WHSmiths came into school with books for the children to buy using the World Book Day vouchers that everyone had been given!

All the children were so excited, I hope you all enjoy reading them over this weekend!

3rd March 2019

Spellings for next weeks test: so, by, my, here, there, where.

A slightly chaotic week due to the extreme weather, which sadly meant lots of our book week fun had to be postponed until next week! Thank you to parents for being so understanding when it was not safe for staff or children to travel into school and making the necessary arrangements.

This week we started looking at length and height in Maths, and have been measuring things around the classroom using cubes, paperclips.. and even our body parts! I wonder how many 'hands' long/high things in your house are? You could make me a list and show me on Monday! 

In phonics we have looked at how the 's' sound can some times look a little different.. like the 'se' in mouse and house or the 'st' in listen. They all make the same sound!

We are still enjoying our Beatrix Potter stories at story time, and are enjoying completing some of the Book Week challenges as a class. We have created freeze frames, told a story with puppets, and created drawings about A A Milnes poem 'wind on a hill'.

Our new Book Day will be on Friday the 9th of March.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the rest of the snow!

23rd February 2018

This weeks spellings: be, he, me, she, no, go.

This week in Starfish Class, we have been learning about animals over in Australia. Explorer Jim sent us some photos of some Aboriginal Australian's artwork and we decided to create our own. We used cotton buds to dip into paint and then dab them onto black paper. We thought about how we could use the dots to create swirly, stripy and wavy effects on our animals.

We also thought about different climates around the world, and how some animals like hot climates near the equator, and other animals like cold climates like the North Pole.

We have had a look at labeling and comparing the structures of different types of animals, and talking about why some animals might have body parts such as tails or claws.

In Phonics we have investigated how sometimes 'ou' sounds different. So far we have looked at the digraph in 'cloud' 'soup'and 'mould'. We have also been looking at how the 'ch' sound can sometimes be spelt 'tch'.. in words such as 'catch'.

We have spent our last lesson on the topic of addition and subtracting numbers 1-20, and the children have done really well. I am so impressed with the hard work they are all putting in.

We are all looking forward to book week next week - and the children are very excited about dressing up as characters from the Beatrix Potter books! We have been reading some of her stories this week at story time, and will be looking at more next week.

- Book Week

Letters went out on the last week of term about book week, however a few copies were left behind on the carpet! An electronic copy is on the app, and hard copies are available from the office.

Tuesday 27th February: Year 1 children from 6-7pm are invited to come into school in their PJs for a bedtime story and hot chocolate. Parents are invited into the hall for a brief presentation about reading for enjoyment, and then to take a look at the brand new library.

Thursday 1st March: Children in year one are dressing up from characters from Beatrix Potter stories.

9th February 2018

Spellings for the first week back are: his has I you your they.

This half term truly has flown by!

This week we were off to Africa, and learned that animals are either carnivores (eat meat) herbivores (eat plants) or omnivores (eat both)! We also imagined we went on holiday to South Africa, and wrote a postcard explaining some of the geographical features, such as table mountain and the high skyscrapers. 

We had a video from explorer Jim explaining that some of the animals that live in Africa are endangered - and may go extinct if action is not taken. We decided to use the computers to help us make posters to raise awareness for the endangered animals.

In phonics we have carried on looking at alternative pronunciations for some of our sounds. We have looked at 'ea' (sea vs head) a (path vs baby) and y (yes vs happy).

In maths this week we have been looking at different ways to subtract teen numbers. We have been looking at 'subtract by subtracting ones' method.

        15-4= ?    

         /  \         5-4=1

       10    5     10+1=11

Have a lovely half term.


2nd February 2018

This weeks spellings are: said, says, are, were, was, is.

We dove down into the Ocean this week, learning all about the creatures in the sea! We imagined we were swimming in the Sunlit Zone, the Twilight Zone and the Midnight Zone. We had a look at all of the different Oceans in the world. We enjoyed making our own rainbow fish in the modelling area by weaving ribbons and pipe cleaners to be his scales, and we had another video emailed to us by Explorer Jim, where he gave us a few jobs to do! We are hoping to hear from him again soon.

In maths we have been looking at adding teen numbers to single digit numbers. We used the 'counting by adding ones' method.

   15+4= ?    

         /  \         5+4=9

       10    5     10+9=19

This is a new way of doing addition that the children haven't seen before - and they  need good number bonds to 10 knowledge. There are lots of great resources in the homework pack to help practise this at home. We are spending lots of our time in school trying to learn them as well.

In phonics we have been looking at sounds that share the same digraph. Such as ie - which is different sound in tie and in shield. So far we have looked at ie, u and ow.

Our value for this half term has been perseverance, so we are very proud of one of our Starfish who has been awarded with Driffy this week. Well done for persevering on your writing - keep it up!

We've got a brand new writing area where the children have templates to help them write stories, poems, books, cards, lists and post cards and we have seen some amazing independent writing being produced! This was a next step for lots of the children so we are very glad to see everyone challenging themselves.

Sadly, our class fish Bubbles passed away this week. We spent a bit of time talking about how this made us feel, and what we could do to feel better. Some of the children wrote lovely letters, and drew some great pictures of him. We are looking forward to getting some new fish next week. 

26th January 2018

Spellings for the next few weeks are in the back of everyone's reading records. The first 6 spellings are: the, a, do, to, today, of. After the test on Friday, we will highlight ones that the children still could do with learning.

We started our new topic 'wings, fur and scales' this week, and we are excited to learn all about animals! We were emailed a video from Explorer Jim, who told us that he travels the world to find out about different animals and their habitats. Lots of the children chose to write him letters and ask him some questions in their independent learning time.. I wonder if we will hear from him again?

We have been looking at some of the different classifications of animals, such as mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians! Can anyone remember how we can tell what animal goes into each group?

On Wednesday we had a lovely trip to Tesco - where we were learning about food from all around the world. We were able try prawn crackers, poppadoms, different fruit, cheese and some hot cross buns. We were all very intrigued by one of the new vegetables that Tesco sell, Mooli. We were surprised at how wobbly it was, and said it almost felt like a banana, but looked like a white carrot.

In maths we have been looking at adding numbers to 20, and the different ways we can do it. It'd be really useful for you to be practicing your number bonds to 10 at home using some of the games in the homework pack! It's been great to see (and hear!) that the children are enjoying mathletics.

In phonics we have spent the week looking at all the split digraphs!

a_e e_e i_e o_e u_e.

They are sometimes a little tricky to find in words when we are reading - but can anyone spot any in their reading book this week?

  19th January 2018

What a way to end our topic on 'Our School in the Past' than with Victorian day on Thursday. We came into school in the morning, to find the areas had gone, and the tables were in rows. We had a handwriting lesson using 'slate' (black sugar paper!) and chalk, and a maths lesson that involved lots of chanting. One of the lessons that used to be taught at this school, was an Object Lesson. This lesson involved children coming to the front, choosing an object and saying a fact about it, so we had a go ourselves! Girls and boys used to have separate lessons in the Victorian times, with the boys learning about manual activities, and the girls focused on domestic education. In the afternoon we had a 'girls' side of the room and a 'boys' side of the room. However, we decided that we all wanted to have a go at the different 'girls' and 'boys' activities, and we each had a go at making a cup-and-ball game, and drawing a flower in a vase.

In Phonics this week we have been looking at 'split digraph' sounds. We've looked at the 'a-e' 'i-e' and 'e-e' sounds. Can you find the split digraphs in these words?

cake, time, delete.

In Maths we are looking at 'teen numbers'. We've been using tens frames and numberlines to help us. We know that sometimes it is easier to group 10 objects, and then count on how many are left rather than counting from 1 every time!

The logins for Mathletics are now in the front of the red reading records. They have had a brief introduction to it on Friday, so feel free to explore it over the weekend!

Thank you everybody who took the time to come to parents evening, If you couldn't make it I will be in touch soon to find a time for us to get together to talk about your Starfish!

16th January 2018

We are really enjoying finding out about 'Our School in the Past'. We went on a mission around school today to find out what has changed since the 1800s. We first looked at a blueprint plan and a sketch of what the building was orignally like. We found that there are still fireplaces on the outside of the building, but blocked off on the inside as we don't use them any more. We have new windows, and even got rid of a door!

We can not wait for Victorian Day on Thursday to learn first hand what school used to be like for children.

Spellings and Bug Club notice.

Please find listed below the first spellings of 2018. This week's words are all numbers. We have been practising writing them during our maths sessions this week. Children will be tested on Thursday 18th of January. 
1. one

2. two

3. three

4. four

5. five

6. six 

7. seven 

8. eight

9. nine

10. ten
Thank you for your continued support.


Every child's Bug Club has been updated with new exciting books to read. Bug Club is an excellent reading tool for you to use at home with your children, we sometimes use it at story time and all the children love it. Don't forget the login details are at the back of the reading record. 

9th January 2018

 Say hello to 'Bubbles'! He has come to live in Starfish class as our new pet! He is a bit shy, so we have to remember to be quiet in area time, so we don't scare him!

Autumn Term 2017

19th December 2017

Starfish have had so much fun at the Year One Christmas party.. Everybody dressed up in their best party clothes and looked fab! We played pass the parcel, musical bumps and a few other games.. and we danced a lot! Thank you for the snacks that were brought in, they were really yummy. We also had a surprise visit from Santa!!! He gave everyone an early Christmas present because we have been so good at school.

Not long to go now..!

15th December 2017

Thank you to all the parents who came to our Christmas Craft day today, we all had lots of glittery fun! The crafts look great and will be going home next week.

We had our 4th spelling test today, thank you for those of you who are revising them at home. 

8th December 2017

Another busy week for the Starfish. We had our first KS1 practice in church for our Nativity, we are all really excited now we know our parts! We watched Foundation's Nativity, Shine Star Shine, and thought they were all very brave. We also walked down to the Christmas Tree Festival at Church this morning, and had a good look around at all the trees that had been decorated. We felt very proud to see the decorations that we had been working on the last couple of weeks on the Year 1 tree!

We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes the last few weeks, and learning properties of shapes such as edges, sides faces, and vertices. You could have a look at objects in your home to see if you remember any of the 3D shape names?

In phonics we have been revising our new sounds. We have played some phonics games to help us remember them.

So far we have learned 'ay' (day) 'ue' (glue/issue) 'ou' (cloud) 'ie' (tie) 'ea' (sea) 'oy' (boy) 'ir' (girl) 'aw' (saw) 'wh' (when/who)

We have changed on of our PE days, and we now have PE on a Wednesday and a Thursday. If for whatever reason your child takes their PE kit home, please bring it back as soon as possible. We do ask for a named PE kit to be in school at all times. Also if you notice your child's feet growing, don't forget to bring in some new PE shoes! We have been having a few squashed toes recently.

1st December 2017

What better way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas than our trip to Hope Central for the Christmas Experience on Friday!

We travelled back in time where we met Mary and Joseph in Nazareth, we spoke to a wise man who was following a star to Bethlehem, and we saw a shepherd who was approached by an angel and told to go to a stable where God's son has been born. 

The children all were completely enthralled by the story that was playing out in front of our eyes, and came away with a deeper understanding of the Christmas story. 

Well done everybody for being so well behaved, and for listening and joining in so well! 

21st November 2017

We have been looking at 'materials' in Science the last few weeks. We started by distinguishing between an object and the material from which it is made, and then we looked at properties of different materials, and we found out how the shapes of solid objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. Today we looked at the suitability of different materials.. by seeing which would be the best one to protect an egg from breaking!

We split into 5 different teams - team bubblewrap, team cotton wool, team kitchen roll, team tin foil and team J-cloth!

But which material would be the best protector for the egg?

We predicted that the bubblewrap would be best.. however, it was one of the worst! The best protector was the tin foil! It saved 3 eggs, and 2 more were only slightly cracked. 

17th November 2017

This week in maths we have been looking at subtraction. We have been learning some different methods to help us find the answer to a subtraction question! Can anyone remember any of the methods we have learned?

In phonics we have been looking at some new sounds (the 'ea' in 'cream' and the 'oy' in toy) and been playing some phonics games to practise reading them.

On Wednesday we had a really exciting trip to Tesco, where we had a look around the store to see what we might take on a Teddy Bears picnic, and even had a go at making some sandwiches ourselves! They were very yummy! Did you all enjoy the muesli you made?

Today was really exciting, as this morning we had a theatre group come in and perform Wind in the Willows. Do you recognise any of the actors in the photos below? I'm sure that horse looks familiar..!

This afternoon the whole school went on a wellie walk for Children in Need, thank you to everybody who donated!

10th November 2017

What a great first week back!

On Monday we had Carol Burton come in to tell us the story of 'A Chair for Baby Bear', which was really exciting! We all loved joining in with the actions!

On Thursday afternoon we went for a walk in the park to have a look at the seasonal changes - we went on a leaf hunt to find out what kinds of trees there are in the park! We also spent a bit of time in the Memorial Garden, thinking about people who have died in wars for our country. We have spent a lot of time in collective worship thinking about why people might wear a Poppy. Lots of the children were curious to know if they had a relative who fought in any of the wars.

Just a reminder that PE started this week, but several children hadn't bought back their PE kits! Please can we have them back in for the start of next week.

(Below are some photos of our first week back, but also some photos from the Welly Walk from before half term! We didn't let the rain get us down!!)

20th October 2017

Another great week in Starfish this week. In maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting, and in phonics we have been practicing our tricky words and looking at syllables. We also have been looking at properties of materials in Science, and we decided that the perfect teddy bear would be made from wool, and definitely not made from glass!

We have been reading lots of Paddington books in our story times for the last two weeks, and have really enjoyed all of his funny little adventures.

On Friday, we did a bit of drama, and acted out Goldilocks and the three bears! Miss Thompson, Mrs Lock and Miss Hackett think that we might be seeing some of the Starfish class on the West End in a few years time! Some brilliant (and brave) acting from all of the Starfish - well done! 

6th October 2017

Starfish have really been enjoying our teddy bear topic so far, this week we have been reading the 'Old Bear' books by  Jane Hissey. We made some 'lost' posters for Little Bear, and had a go at sequencing one of the stories. We were inspired by the book 'Jolly Snow' where the toys decorated the house to look snowy for winter - so we collected leaves from the playground to create our own work of art for the classroom based on Autumn.

Thank you to everyone who came to parents evening, it was lovely to properly meet and talk to you all. If you couldn't make parents evening we will try and find an time after school to have a chat about how your starfish is getting on!

26th September 2017

We are really good at tidying up in Starfish Class, so you can imagine our surprise when we came inside after lunch to find our classroom a complete mess. We all became detectives for the afternoon.. and found clues such as porridge oats, honey and paw prints in the play-dough! We found a bag under a table.. and inside was Bobby Bear!

Bobby Bear has come to school to help the children learn all about Teddy Bears. He will be going home with a different child every night.. I wonder what adventures he will get up to!

21st September 2017

We all loved our trip to Elmswell Farm today! Farmer John took us for a tour around the farm, and even showed us the grain that they send off to the mill to make flour we use to make cake! All of us managed to fit into the scoop from a tractor - it was a bit of a squash and a squeeze... you can't even see all of us in the photograph! One of the highlights was looking at the cows in the field.. we learned that the cows horns point up, and a bulls horns point out. Can you see which one the bull is in the photo?

15th September 2017

What an exciting week we have had in Starfish! We are all enjoying learning about cake, and everybody loved making cakes on Tuesday - they were delicious! I wonder if anybody can remember how we made them? Next week we will be learning even more about cake, and we look forward for our families coming into our classroom on Friday and seeing what we have been doing (more information on that to follow!). Have a lovely weekend Starfish!

11th September 2017

After a week settling into our new Starfish classroom, the children are now excited to explore our class project 'cake!' over the next two weeks. 

We change reading books on a Tuesday and Friday but this may not always be the case due to visitors in school or other timetabling issues. Please sign the record when you have heard your child read. If the record is not signed then we will assume that the book has not been read. In the front of the reading record there are the login details for Bug Club, where the children can access different books.

Our PE sessions are on Wednesday and Friday, but we would appreciate the named PE kit being in school all week in case of any extra sessions.

We love being creative in starfish class, so it would be useful to have materials that the children could bring in to go in the Modelling Area (such as empty card board boxes, plastic bottles etc). If you could spare anything that would be great!

Summer Term 2017



Only one week left ! The time is going too quickly! We have an action packed week next week with Sports Day, Open Evening, Driffield Show and our Leavers Service. No doubt time will fly next week as well, but we are really looking forward to an exciting last week of the term.

Monday 3rd July                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Starfish had a lovely day in Bridlington at the Little Big Sing. First we had a lovely time on the beach building sandcastles, becoming mermaids and having lots of fun.

After lunch we joined lots of schools to take part in singing some songs . I wonder what your favourite song was?



We really enjoyed being creative during our Art Day today. We tried sculpture, painting, collage and drawing. Watch out for some pictures next week!


W/C 19th June 2017

Another busy week in the areas and the classroom this week. The role play area has now become the Darlings bedroom from Peter Pan. We hope Peter Pan turns up soon.

June 16th 2107 

This week we have been very busy in the areas exploring our own ideas from our topic work . 

June 2107 

We had a fantastic sunny visit to Elmswell . We enjoyed a lovely walk before heading back to the farm buildings for a play before lunch.

After lunch we split into two groups and continued with our compass and maps work from the week. We did some orienteering  and made maps from natural objects. The children worked so well together.

May  26th 2017

Another busy week! We have been continuing with our Lighthouses models, we are looking forward to the collage part of the models after the holidays. We made buns on Wednesday following instructions in preparation for our picnic  . On Thursday we went to the park to do some outdoor learning, we played a bee game and also looked for seasonal changes . Our last task was to find the biggest and the smallest leaves. We really enjoyed   looking and comparing our leaves.

In the afternoon we made sandwiches to have a picnic in the front garden. We carried our picnic out in a basket like Mr &Mrs Grinling have in the Lighthouses Keepers lunch. We all had a great time!

Friday 19th May.

The Starfish had a brilliant time yesterday for Outdoor Learning Day.  We used natural objects to create a story outside including ideas from the whole class.  The story was so imaginative we have been busy writing them up this morning!  We then spent the afternoon up at Kings Mill where we made artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and some bunting decorated with natural materials.  Making the bunting was really fun but we had to be very careful using the hammer!

 Friday 12th May.

We have started to make our lighthouses this week. Thank you to everyone who sent in tubes to helps us make them.The mod roc is very messy , but fun.

Enter text...


A few pictures from the Easter Experience on Tuesday inside the church. We all learned the meaning of Easter through activities. We can't wait till Thursday when we are outside the church.


We had a wonderful time at Elmswell Farm-even if we did get wet in the morning!! Have a look at our classroom window to spot some of the art work we did in the afternoon.

                                                              Happy Red Nose Day!!

We had a really good day with lots of fun. We also thought about all the people who are not as lucky as us and we are glad that the money we raised will go to help them.

We really enjoyed the lovely weather this week! The Starfish class have been busy making bird feeders for the front garden.



We had a brilliant time making pizzas with Mrs Edeson this week. Our classroom had a delicious smell in it all day!


Enter text...

W/C 13th February 2017

We think we need a holiday!!!!

W/C 6th February 2017

What a busy week we have had ! First we found the role play area had changed into the ocean. In the ocean there are lots of fish and jellyfish to swim with. There is also a shark in there too. We have some snorkels so we can explore the ocean bed.

In numeracy this week we have been learning all about 3 D shapes, we have looked at how many faces they have and if they are curved or flat faces.

On Thursday we went with Dolphins and Turtles to The Deep. We had a lovely trip . We saw lots of different types of fish and learnt all about their habitat.

W/C 30th January 2017

This week in Starfish we have started to look at the different oceans and seas around the world.   In the play-dough area there are sea creatures in green/blue sea. We had great fun playing in this this week ! Lots of mums and dads joined us for maths this week. We enjoyed showing them how we do our maths and enjoy it. We are all looking forward to our trip to the Deep next Thursday.


W/C 23rd January

We have had a lovely week learning all about Chinese New Year. We have had fun in the new role play area .Terrance brought  some Chinese candy for us all to share.

Starfish have been busy this week in science sorting different animals into groups! Then we had a go at painting and making a collage of our own animals ready for Chinese New Year! 

We have had a busy week in Starfish class! As part of our geography work we have started to find out about the polar regions of the world. It's looking pretty chilly in our classroom!

A very Happy New Year to you all! We look forward to sharing our news with you this year. Watch out for some photos next week of our role play area- it's looking pretty cold in there!

We have had another busy week in the Starfish class! Our visit to Hope Central in Malton really brought the Christmas story to life, it was an amazing experience.

We loved visiting the Christmas tree festival in the parish church on Friday. What a lot of beautiful trees!

We had a lot of fun making reindeers in the classroom this week. They smelt of chocolate because there was cocoa powder in the playdough mix!

          Christmas has arrived in the Starfish class! We are enjoying being in the stable at Bethlehem.

We enjoyed playing Snakes and Ladders this week! What a shame there was a snake on the top line, it caught a few people out when they thought they were going to win!!


What a busy week we have had! Lots of measuring ,thinking about left and right,then Children in Need Day. On Friday we had a party. This was our treat for having the most lining up cards last half term.

We have had a busy week investigating materials. Miss Cousins took us on a materials hunt outside. Then we sorted materials and talked about their properties when we were in the classroom.


 Happy Diwali! We had a wonderful time on Thursday learning about Hindu customs and listening to the story of Rama and Sita. Do you recognise anybody here?

17th October 2016

Wow, what a busy week Starfish have had .We have been learning about place value in maths. We have also written some traditional stories using adjectives.On Thursday we went to church to watch the year two Starfish in the production of The Enormous Turnip before heading out on our Welly Walk . We also visited Tesco. We were lucky to be able to make some a bread and look at different fruit and vegetables.

Thursday 13 th October 2016 Trip to Scarborough Castle.

Starfish set off to visit Scarborough Castle. We had great fun looking at the ruins of the castle. Mrs Jackson and her team of soldiers set off to win the castle back from the enemy. Fun was had by all even though the weather was not very kind to us.


Starfish trip to Elmswell Farm October 4th 2016

It was a lovely sunny October day when we visited Elmswell Farm. Farmer John took us on a long Autumn walk ,showing us the signs of Autumn. We visited Boswell and the all the other cows.  We looked at the signs of autumnal change in the leaves and plants. We headed back for our lunch through the fields and enjoyed our lunch outside.

Had an exciting week this week learning all about castles. We have been enjoying acting out in our role play castle. Looking forward to our trip to Elmswell next week.

What a busy first week we have had!

We have had a great time exploring the areas and getting to know our new classroom.

Starfish 2016 - 2017



We had a brilliant day on Monday when we went to the beach! We were joined by the lifeguards and were able to give them £100 which we raised from our bun sale. 

Our Tesco ladies visited us this week and made some delicious treats for us!

We were lucky with the weather at Elmswell and had a wonderful day walking in the fresh air.

Little Big Sing, Beach and Tesco visit.

Elmswell Farm

Year 1 enjoyed their trip to The R.N.L.I and asked lots of questions. The outfit was a bit big and heavy too. The weather was kind to us which meant we could go to the beach and show off our building skills. Hope it is as nice next week when we go to Elmswell and the week after for Little Big Sing.

We had a wonderful time last Friday celebrating the Queen's birthday. The Horse looked fantastic in the church with all the flowers around it.

Hope the weather is kind to us on Friday for the BBQ! We hope to see you all.

This week we are looking at the story of Grace Darling. Next Wednesday we are going to the lifeboat station at Bridlington to look at a real lifeboat. 

We have had a busy first week back!

We have all made a flower to decorate the horse which is on show at All Saints Church for the Flower Festival this weekend. Also we had our Sports Day on Wednesday which all the children enjoyed. They did very well! Then in the afternoon on Wednesday Mr Steele took us for P.E so we are all very fit.

The children are looking forward to our Queen's party on Friday, we will put some photos on next week.

Thursday 26th May 2016                                                                                                                                                                             We made Fruit Kebab Swords.

On Friday we went to the park to look at the changes on the trees also to identify trees by their leaves.

YES it was the boat that was missing from the "Seascape in the style of Vincent Van Gogh" the children enjoyed doing these and they are now hanging in our classroom. Think we could have some budding artists in Starfish.

Starfish once again have been working hard, we have done the second part of our "Seascape in the style of Vincent Van Gogh" and am looking forward to finishing it next week - can you see what is missing?

In Clic we have been looking at "fact families"

We have had another busy week, Mrs Edeson helped usto make buns. We had to measure out the ingredients. It was hard work but worth it as we got to eat them at the end.

We have also been learning how to do division/sharing using playdough.

Finally we have started to create our own "Seascape in the style of Vincent Van Gogh". For the the sea we used a glue spatula rather than a brush. Watch out for the finished pictures next week.


We all had a Jolly time on Pirate Day.

Carol came and we sang some pirate songs also she told us a story about a pirate with her puppets.

We have had another  busy week! We baked Oaty Biscuits on Friday, they were delicious! We were so excited to come into school on Monday and discover that we have our own pirate ship in the classroom.